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Quality Resources

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Start Your Quality Journey with ASQ

Start your quality journey with ASQ! We’re here to help you learn how to use both established and emerging quality principles and methods to improve your workplace and advance your career.

We offer a variety of resources for students and professionals, from books and publications, training and certifications, conferences and events, and more.

Quality Progress
Quality Progress is ASQ’s flagship publication. It features in-depth articles describing the application of innovative methods, career coaching, reviews and more. Search Quality Progress’ archives.
Quality Resources – Tools, Case Studies, and Glossary
Learn About Quality is your dedicated resource for definitions and explanations of quality concepts, tools, and applications. Also be sure to visit the ASQ glossary for more information on terms, acronyms, and quality gurus.

Used by quality professionals in all fields, the Essential Seven or the Old Seven are often recommended as the first quality tools to learn about. ASQ also offers a variety of downloadable tools and templates to help you in the workplace.

With ASQ's case studies, you'll learn how organizations around the world are using quality tools and approaches to improve processes, increase ROL, and advance customer satisfaction. Search more than 1,800 examples from organizations of all sizes.
Quality Press
Quality Press is ASQ’s publishing division. It offers a wide range of books and standards for beginning and advanced quality professionals. A popular resource for beginning and advanced professional alike are The Quality Toolbox and The ASQ Quality Improvement Pocket Guide.
Training and Certifications
ASQ offers a robust array of training options for quality professionals at every stage of their careers. Here are a couple for those just beginning the quality journey:

Quality 101: Available online, this is a self-paced, basic-level training program designed to introduce you to quality concepts and tools. Learn more about Quality 101.

Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA): Show the world – and your employers – that you’ve mastered the basics of quality and can carry your share of the load in quality-improvement projects in your workplace by taking the Certified Quality Improvement Associate exam.
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As a member, you can access exclusive content, including magazines and journals, get discounts on books, trainings, and certifications, and become more involved with ASQ’s communities, forums and divisions.

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