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Journal of Quality Technology
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The Journal of Quality Technology (JQT) seeks to publish research that applies innovative thinking and develops cutting-edge analytical methods to address real problems related to Quality Technology. 

Quality Technology emphasizes the application of data analytics to solve problems related to quality in industry, government, and society.  The primary objective of JQT since its founding in 1969 is to provide the quality professional with innovative methodological tools to solve problems related to quality. The “quality” of a process or product relates to the capability of satisfying expressed and unexpressed customer needs.  The “technology” that generates process and product data as well as the “technology” related to analytical methods that support quality improvement are evolving at a rapid pace.   Technological advances provide many opportunities for innovative solutions.  Papers published in JQT present new methods, case study examples, comparisons of existing methods, and reviews of the literature on topics of current interest. JQT is consistently ranked by Journal Citation Report as one of the most cited journals in the areas of industrial engineering, management science, and statistics.

FREE digital subscription for ASQ professional, senior, fellow, and honorary members. JQT is published in January, April, July, September and November.

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