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Journal For Quality And Participation

An Announcement for Subscribers

We recently communicated the passing of JQP’s long-time editor, Deborah Hopen. Since that announcement was made, we’ve taken steps to evaluate the journal’s future, making sure to consider subscriber and contributor needs while assessing the overall health of the journal within the publication portfolio. With the information in hand, ASQ has made the decision to suspend future publication of the journal following the January 2020 issue.

What this means for you:

  • The Journal for Quality & Participation archives will now be fully accessible online in perpetuity.
  • You also have full access to ASQ’s 26 technical communities, which offer a variety of opportunity for complementary content.
  • If you received JQP as a Senior member benefit, you may be eligible to select another journal. Please contact Customer Care at help@asq.org to update your member benefits
  • If you are an Institutional or Paid subscriber, please contact help@asq.org to update your account.


The Journal for Quality and Participation (JQP) was a peer-reviewed magazine published by ASQ in the interest of expanding the knowledge and practice of leadership, employee involvement, and other processes that encourage and enable people to participate in decisions that affect quality, customer satisfaction, and the performance of their organizations.