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KC webcast iconASQ webcasts* feature authors, editors, speakers, sponsors and other subject matter experts delivering recorded presentations to share their knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned.

The collection includes:
- Introductory overviews of topics in quality
- Tutorials for using quality tools
- Discussions of research and publications

Please note that the webcast and webinar links below will take you directly to the platform where the video is hosted and not the ASQ website (examples - YouTube or Vimeo). 

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ASQ Recertification Units (RUs): Webcasts or webinars that are approximately 60 minutes long and related to one of ASQ’s bodies of knowledge can qualify for up to 0.1 RUs. Please note that not all webcasts or webinars may qualify for RUs. To document this activity in your journal, please upload a screenshot of the video along with a brief description of the webinar topic. 

For more detailed information on the process and how to enter these into your individual recertification journal, please visit ASQ's recertification page. We hope these resources assist you in your continuous learning journey with ASQ. 

Featured Webcasts and Speakers

Dot Compliance - Rosalind BeasleyThe Journey To Next Generation Proactive And Prescriptive Quality (View it, Download it, 50min)
Join Rosalind Beasley, VP of Digital Innovation at Dot Compliance, as she shares her thoughts on connecting the dots from data and insights to prescriptive actions, overcoming barriers to scaling up a digital and analytics transformation, the role of industry 4.0, AI, and ML in next generation quality management, and strategic themes for your digital strategy and transformation. 

Morgan Palmer - ETQ Webcast - Transforming Quality to a Profit Center7 Quality Game Changers for 2021: How To Transform Quality From A Cost Center To A Profit Center
 (WebEx, 57min)
Morgan Palmer, CTO and co-founder of ETQ, shares seven game changing strategies you’ll want to adopt for 2021 that will transform quality into a strategic profit center powering continuous improvement that drives competitive differentiation. You’ll learn how to pick projects that generate high-impact wins, measure the return on investment of your quality initiatives, share results with senior management, and shift the perception of quality from a policing center to a driver of strategic quality improvements. 

Sundeep Agarwal - ComplianceQuest WebcastImproving Quality during a Restart of the Manufacturing Shop Floor (WebEx, 22min)
Manufacturers must meet increasingly stringent and changing quality and regulatory norms. This necessitates greater diligence on the shop floor, as well as a robust QMS, with less manpower and limited resources.This new webcast presented by Sundeep Agarwal, General Manager of Quality, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Datt Mediproducts, India, provides guidance and potential solutions to address these challenges.. 

Process Improvement through Robotic Process Automation (WebEx, 22min)
Sheila Shaffie, a Master Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma expert, explains the incremental continuous improvement benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and shares a case study on how it has been applied successfully. 

Milt Dentch PortraitImproving Your OH&S Management System While Satisfying ISO 45001:2018 (WebEx, 48min)
Milt Dentch, a global quality consultant and auditor of ISO 9001, 14001, and ISO 45001 quality management systems, shares valuable guidance on building an occupational health and safety management system while satisfying ISO 45001:2018. To learn more, get his newly published book on this topic The ISO 45001:2018 Implementation Handbook.

Arron AngleBehavior-Based Quality and How to Get There (WebEx, 54min)
Arron Angle, the managing director of Qualnomics Consulting, introduces us to Behavior-Based Quality, or BBQ, and provides a fun and memorable twist to a potentially powerful quality practice that could transform your organization into a true Culture of Quality.

Fabrice BouchereauMagic Rulers: A Guide to Maximizing Business Performance Through Metrics Webcast (WebEx or MP4, 40 min)
In this new webcast from ASQ author and conference speaker, Fabrice Bouchereau, you’ll learn:
- What is a metric?
- Steps to develop performance metrics
- What makes a good metric?
- Pitfalls associated with metrics.

Jack ReVelle

An Introduction to Comprehensive Quality (WebEx or MP4, 40 min)
Jack ReVelle, quality expert and author of the book "Quality Essentials: A Reference Guide from A to Z", walks us through a brief history of quality and shares his new holistic approach to quality improvement that he calls Comprehensive Quality.

Dodd StarbirdThe Joy of Lean Webcast (WebEx, 48 min)
Dodd Starbird, the author of the book "The Joy of Lean", shares how to cultivate a positive Lean Culture of excellence that creates value for customers, profitable growth for businesses, sustainable cost reduction, and fulfilling jobs for employees.

Basics of Risk ManagementThe Basics of Risk Management (WebEx or MP4, 73 min)
Risk management is a foundation for any organization to make informed decisions. It is a method of prioritization allowing for leadership to determine A over B and why. Risk management also provides a methodology to calculate return on investment for given decisions. This webcast instructs attendees on implementing risk management basics within their own programs.

John Goodman Customer Experience 3.0: An Exclusive 3-Part Series
John Goodman explains how to measure, manage, and modernize your customer experience (CE).
Part 1 - Moving Your Quality Efforts Toward the Customer Experience (WebEx, 46 min)
Part 2 - Three Tools to Help Manage the Customer Experience (WebEx, 50 min)
Part 3 - Measuring and Quantifying the Customer Experience (WebEx, 49 min)

Mark AmesQuality Management Systems: Background, Evolution, and the Future of ISO 9001 (WebEx, 64 min)
ISO 9001 expert Mark Ames walks through the evolution of quality management systems, from their beginnings and right into the most utilized standard of all, ISO 9001.

Risk webcast KC2

The Expanding Role of Risk Management in Compliance (WebEx, 45 min)
Timothy Lozier of EtQ Inc. discusses how to measure compliance, how risk can drive new ways of looking at compliance, and the relationship between risk management and risk assessment.

Mark AmesQuality Snapshot--Corrective Action (WebEx, 27 min)
In his Snapshot series, Mark Ames tackles commonly misunderstood topics of interest to members of the quality and standards communities. This installment explores misunderstandings related to corrective action.

Rivenburgh webcastHow to Create a Vibrant, Thriving Culture (WebEx, 28 min)
In this webcast from the Journal for Quality and Participation, Diana Rivenburgh, author of the best-selling book The New Corporate Facts of Life, shares the steps to creating an ethical, vibrant, collaborative culture that fosters high performance profitability.



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Methods and Tools of Modern QFD
Glenn Mazur

Modular Kaizen
Grace Duffy

Lean Acres: Continuous Process Improvement
Jim Bowie

Creating an Innovation Culture
Peter Merrill

Auditing the Process Based QMS - Part 1 | Part 2
Jack West and Charles Cianfrani

The Seven Lean Six Sigma Tools Series:
Value Stream Mapping
Dr. Jack ReVelle 


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