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Connected, Intelligent, Automated

Radziwill, N. M., June 2020

Quality 4.0 is for all industries, and this book is for anyone who wants to learn how Industry 4.0 and Quality 4.0 can help improve quality and performance in their team or company. This comprehensive guide is the culmination of 25 years of research and practice—exploring, implementing, and critically examining the quality and performance improvement aspects of Industry 4.0 technologies. Navigate the connected, intelligent, and automated ecosystems of infrastructure, people, objects, machines, and data. Sift through the noise around AI, AR, big data, blockchain, cybersecurity, and other rising technologies and emerging issues to find the signals for your organization. Discover the value proposition of Quality 4.0 and the leading role for quality professionals to drive successful digital transformation initiatives. The changes ahead are powerful, exciting, and overwhelming—and we can draw on the lessons from past work to mitigate the risks we face today. Connected, Intelligent, Automated provides you with the techniques, philosophies, and broad overall knowledge you need to understand Quality 4.0, and helps you leverage those things for the future success of your enterprise.

Chapter 1: Quality 4.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Chapter 2: Connected Ecosystems

Chapter 3: Intelligent Agents and Machine Learning

Chapter 4: Automation: From Manual Labor to Autonomy

Chapter 5: Quality 4.0 Use Cases Across Industries

Chapter 6: From Algorithms to Advanced Analytics

Chapter 7: Delivering Value and Impact Through Data Science

Chapter 8: Data Quality and Data Management

Chapter 9: Software Applications & Data Platforms

Chapter 10: Blockchain

Chapter 11: Performance Excellence

Chapter 12: Environment, Health, Safety, Quality (EHSQ), and Cybersecurity

Chapter 13: Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Chapter 14: Elements of a Quality 4.0 Strategy

Chapter 15: Playbook for Transformation


N. M. Radziwill is Senior VP of Quality and Strategy at Ultranauts, a professional services firm specializing in quality assurance and quality engineering for software, data science, and digital transformation. Radziwill is editor of the journal, Software Quality Professional, an ASQ fellow, and an ASQ-certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Radziwill is one of ASQ’s Influential Voices and blogs at http://qualityandinnovation.com.

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Connected, Intelligent, Automated (front cover image)

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