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Become a Quality Press Author

As the world’s leading publisher of quality-related books, ASQ’s Quality Press is always interested in considering book proposals and new manuscripts for publication. Whether your book project concerns quality standards, auditing, statistical applications, Six Sigma, systems thinking, organizational culture and leadership, performance excellence, risk management, or related topics—in general or for a specific industry—Quality Press wants to hear from you.

We are actively pursuing publishing books related to:
  • Quality 4.0 and Industry 4.0
  • Quality use in high-tech and emerging sectors like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, automation, big data, internet/industrial internet of things, and robotics.
  • Quality use in traditional sectors like aerospace, healthcare, education, government, and services.
  • Risk management and cybersecurity

About ASQ’s Quality Press

Quality Press is the world’s leading publisher of quality-related books, offering resources for every level of quality professional across a vast array of industries. We publish 15-20 new titles written by industry experts and thought leaders annually and have nearly 250 active titles in print.

Our customers expect the most up-to-date, accurate, and insightful information available, and we take great strides to publish books of the highest quality. Each book is meticulously reviewed by experts in the field to assure that content is first-rate, correct, relevant, and applicable.

Submission Guidelines

To have your book project considered for publication, please download the proposal submission guidelines and email the proposal to the managing editor, Lillian McAnally, at [email protected]. We will not consider your submission without all items from the list included. Please, no phone calls. 
  1. Cover letter. Describe your project, how it fits with the mission of Quality Press, and why readers need your book. What does it contribute to the topic, your field, the world?
  2. Proposed title.
  3. Manuscript. Send as much of your manuscript that exists, with a minimum of table of contents, preface or introduction, and two sample chapters. (If your book is not finished, estimate its completion date and final word count.)
  4. Market Analysis. What is the market, demand, need for your book? List the primary audience/s for your work, including job titles. Research and describe any existing, successful books on your topic, and explain how yours fits within this category and how it distinguishes itself from competitors.
  5. Bio. Tell us about yourself; include a resume or CV.
  6. Sales and Marketing Ideas. Include your brainstorm of natural sales outlets for your book, ways it could be promoted, and media angles.
  7. Authors Sales and Marketing Involvement. How do you see yourself getting involved in the promotion and sale of your book? Consider such things as ASQ activities; speaking events, training and workshops; media and social media engagement; enlisting the help of friend, family, and colleagues.
If you have any questions about our submissions process, please submit them to [email protected]. We review proposals and make acquisition decisions every 2–3 months.

Benefits of Publishing with ASQ

  • Sharing your quality industry knowledge and experience
  • Peer-review feedback from industry experts
  • Recertification Unit (RU) credits for each book published during a recertification period (3 years)
    • 4.0 RU credits for authors
    • 4.0 RU credits for co-authors
    • 1 RU credit for editors
  • A starting audience of 75,000+ ASQ members
  • Cross-promotional opportunities for your book through ASQ newsletters, website, webcasts, trainings, conferences, and journals
  • Bi-annual royalties payments, which include growing rights and licensing sales

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