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ASQExcellence Organizational Membership

New Organizational Membership packages coming in 2021

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Organizations like yours are increasingly focusing on advancing a culture of quality-based practices to accelerate business value and drive growth. ASQE Organizational Membership provides organizations of all sizes the resources and tools to further their pursuit of performance excellence, with the leading benefit of the Insights on Excellence (IoE) Benchmarking tool and annual research.

ASQExcellence (ASQE) was founded in January 2020 as a trade association to set the standard for quality-driven offerings and insights worldwide, empowering the organizations it serves to achieve excellence. ASQ & ASQE are independent organizations who share a mission of bringing value and quality solutions to individuals and organizations. ASQ serves a membership of quality professionals through educational advancement. ASQ and ASQE complement and enhance each other by providing member value for both individuals and organizations.

Key Benefits of Org Membership

  • Organizations receive flexibility to customize their membership tools and resources through packages and add-ons that best suit their needs
  • Affiliated employees are now able to engage with ASQ and ASQE at levels that are most relevant for them
    • For those who want to engage in Society business and receive full membership benefits, enjoy either one of the included ASQ Affiliated Memberships or a 25% discount on purchasing a Professional Membership
    • For those employees who simply need to complete training, certification, participate in IoE Benchmarking, or find quality resources on asq.org, they can register to become an Affiliated Employee on asq.org and obtain access
  • Enjoy access to exclusive member events, research, and content to empower teams to further the actionable pursuit of best practices
  • Participate in annual Insights on Excellence benchmarking and research that provides opportunity for recognition of top performing teams

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Levels & Benefits

ASQE Organizational Membership Levels & Benefits




Member Level Fees Starting At: $6,000 $15,000 $25,000
Industry Benchmarking:
Access to the IoE Benchmarking tool for teams, Annual Research Report, and Forbes Insights Research Executive Brief Included Included Included
300+ Industry Partner Reports access on asq.org Included Included Included
Opportunity to connect with resources for Malcolm Baldrige Award Included Included Included
Quality Resources & Tools:
Included ASQ Affiliate Memberships for key individuals, including access to Sections, Technical Communities, and digital journal subscriptions 10 Members 30 Members 50 Members
Unlimited linked Affiliate Employees – eligible for 25% discount to obtain ASQ Affiliate Membership (above) Included Included Included
Member Pricing on all ASQ Quality Press Books / Standards Included Included Included
Online access to ASQ’s Quality Resources: publications, tools, case studies, webcasts, and journals for all linked Affiliate Members and Employees Included Included Included
Voting Rights for ASQE Society – 1 each for Contact or Delegated Representative 1 Contact 1 Contact 1 Contact
Eligibility for positions on ASQE Society Board Directors At Large and applicable committees 1 Applicant 1 Applicant 1 Applicant
Future access to ASQ's Provider Network - coming in 2021 Included Included Included
Talent & Team Development:
Member Pricing on all ASQ Certifications and Quality Education Included Included Included
Annual Credit for ASQ e-Learnings (on-demand, virtual) $250 $500 $1,000
ASQE International Team Excellence Awards Annual Entry (includes application fee and criteria) Add-on Add-on Included
Engagement, Networking & Events:
Complimentary ASQ-Hosted Conference Registrations Included – Annual Value to Redeem $1,000 $4,500 $7,500
Excellence Roundtable (ERT) Event Invites + Annual Member Exclusive Networking Opportunities 1 participant 2 participants 3 participants
Organizational Member Calls for Society Business with ASQE Board of Directors – As Scheduled Included Included Included
Opportunities for featuring Member Case Studies (Spotlights) in ASQE materials, e-newsletters, & participation in Ascend Virtual Workshop Series Included Included Included


Customizable A La Carte Benefits: Add-Ons

ASQE Member Price

1-hour Virtual Meeting to review IoE benchmarking results report with ASQE contacts Complimentary
ASQE International Team Excellence Awards (ITEA) Annual Entry (Application Fee & Criteria) – for Partner and Ambassador $675 first entry
$575 additional entries – for ALL
ASQE ITEA Licensing Fee for Maturity Model Framework $500.00
ASQE ITEA Licensing Renewal Fee for Maturity Model Framework $100.00
ASQE ITEA Showcase On-Site Event at Host Organization (per location) $1,000.00
ASQE ITEA Showcase On-Site Hosting Renewal Fee (per location) $500.00
ASQE Organizational Affiliated Members, Affiliated Employees, and ITEA participants enjoy member rates when registering for ASQ Conferences See Member Rates posted at Events page             
Preferred Pricing on ASQ Conference Exhibitor & Sponsorship Packages Contact ASQ Media Sales
Phone: 866-277-5666
Email: mediasales@asq.org
Preferred Pricing on ASQ Quality Progress Magazine Advertising Per Rates Listed
Professional connection opportunities with:
  • Baldrige Fellows Program and connection to National Award resources and materials
  • ANSI to serve on Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) through application process
  • ASQ’s Provider Network resources (Coming in 2021)


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