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Insights on Excellence from ASQE

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What is Insights on Excellence®?

ASQE’s Insights on Excellence® (IoE) Benchmarking Tool establishes a global data set across the established eight categories of organizational performance excellence—Operations, Voice of the Customer, Workforce, Leadership, Strategy, Technology, Measurements & Results, Barriers & Disruptors—and the latest optional IoE category: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices.

Survey participation in the IoE Benchmarking Tool is an exclusive benefit of ASQE Organizational Membership, but the industry- and category-specific reports created using the annually compiled benchmarking results are available to members and nonmembers of both ASQ and ASQE for free. The data also provides the trending content for ASQE’s member-exclusive thought leadership events like the Ascend Webinars and Excellence Roundtables.



Since 2020, ASQE’s Insights on Excellence® research has identified that organizations continue to struggle with poor operational processes and wasted resources, with respondents identifying these as ongoing quality issues. Waste reduction and optimizing processes are also centric to sustainable development, translating into environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics. As new ESG regulations and standards emerge, and global markets demand higher compliance in reducing waste and emissions, organizations can readily use lean as the leading practice to address these issues and assist in achieving sustainability goals. This IoE Focus Study features a deeper exploration of how lean, one of the most universally used quality practices across most industries, is used to advance organizational performance in sustainability.


Graphic with text that reads "51% of respondents chose 'delays from suppliers' as the most selected ongoing quality issue in 2022" 

48% of respondents chose delays from suppliers as the most selected ongoing quality issue in 2023

A graphic with text that reads "44% of respondents indicate that their organizations will be inceasing the involvement of quality professionals in ESG initiatives in the next 3 years" 

48% of respondents indicate that their organizations will be increasing the involvement of quality professionals in ESG initiatives in the next 3 years

Graphic with a diploma icon with text that reads "32% of quality professionals selected 'lack of certificaiton training in quality methodologies' for employees as a top workforce challenge in 2022 

92% of respondents agree that their training is related to future necessary skills


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“People take action after bad things happen. It takes a big event like a major recall or the pandemic to get companies aligned to have good prevention plans in place.”

“As a non-profit organization dedicated to training, certifying and supporting the field of quality, we knew that who we partnered with to deliver Insights on Excellence was going to be essential to achieving our goals. Forbes Insights is a globally-recognized strategic research organization with the resources to bring our vision to life and provide comprehensive data so we can help organizations move forward on a path to excellence.”