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Insights on Excellence from ASQE

What is Insights on Excellence®?

ASQE’s Insights on Excellence® (IoE) Benchmarking Tool establishes a global data set of organizational performance excellence across eight categories of criteria: Operations, Voice of the Customer, Workforce, Leadership, Strategy, Technology, Measurements & Results, and Barriers & Disruptors.

Survey participation in the IoE Benchmarking Tool is an exclusive benefit of ASQE Organizational Membership, but the benchmarking results are compiled annually by ASQE to create industry- and category-specific reports that are available to members and nonmembers of both ASQ and ASQE.

ASQE's new Organizational Membership levels feature the leading benefit of access to the IoE Benchmarking Tool, coordinated with member-exclusive events like the Ascend Virtual Workshop series and Excellence Roundtable that dive deep into key IoE research takeaways, and provide networking opportunities with quality thought leaders across industries.

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Change is constant. But the rate of change has rapidly accelerated, amplified by near-instant communication technologies, vast amounts of data, and the ability to show immediate results and impacts. The application of quality methodologies has become ubiquitous throughout all industries – no longer limited to processes involved in sectors more traditionally considered “quality focused,” such as Manufacturing. Even the language and terminology to describe quality have evolved within industries, with systems transforming to focus on end-to-end delivery, waste reduction, or goals for carbon neutrality. Organizational, professional, and stakeholder needs all have rapidly evolved to reflect changing business conditions.

To help navigate these changes, this third edition of our Insights on Excellence® (IoE) Executive Brief features the latest key findings on areas organizations told us they feel they need to improve: leadership, workforce development, and technology's impact on performance. New for this 2022 IoE Executive Brief, ASQE is pleased to feature results from the latest IoE category: Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG. Quality is crucial in achieving successful ESG practices in any industry, with quality methodologies like systems-thinking, risk assessment, effects on communities, regulatory compliance, and environmental management leading the movement.

This research, collected in 2022, is based on the views and experiences of 528 executives and quality professionals from global enterprises; it provides insights for both to better understand their role in evolving operational excellence practices.

“People take action after bad things happen. It takes a big event like a major recall or the pandemic to get companies aligned to have good prevention plans in place.”

“As a non-profit organization dedicated to training, certifying and supporting the field of quality, we knew that who we partnered with to deliver Insights on Excellence was going to be essential to achieving our goals. Forbes Insights is a globally-recognized strategic research organization with the resources to bring our vision to life and provide comprehensive data so we can help organizations move forward on a path to excellence.”