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ASQ's Quality Resources is your one-stop online library of information related to quality. Access 70 years’ worth of content for all experience levels.

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Editor's Picks

Editor's Picks

The Certified Quality Technician Handbook, Third EditionThe Certified Quality Technician Handbook

Quality technicians understand and use quality concepts and tools, statistical techniques, metrology protocols and more to improve or correct processes. This book was written as a comprehensive resource for quality technicians, as well as those preparing for the ASQ Certified Quality Technician exam. It is organized to conform closely with the 2018 CQT Body of Knowledge.

How Can Business Increase Its Social Impact?

Businesses that adopt socially responsible practices not only increase their profits and sustainability but also have a more far-reaching impact on humanity. This article from Journal for Quality and Participation explores ways organizations can make a large impact by leveraging many of its existing capabilities in creative ways.

Quality Progress December 20182018 QP Salary Survey

Get a leg up on your competition for that next job opportunity or promotion! This year’s QP Salary Survey report can lend a hand in learning what factors affect salaries and the moves you might want to make to elevate your earnings. This year’s report contains updated analyses  broken down by variables such as job title, training, experience and certification.

Increasing Profit and Impact: New Models for Business

In this webinar, Deepa Prahalad, co-author of Predictable Magic: Unleash the Power of Design Strategy to Transform Your Business, discusses how businesses can adopt strategies to expand markets, increase global employment while reducing poverty, and improve corporate reputations by integrating social responsibility into approaches.

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

Let your net always be cast, and in the pool which you least expect, there will be a fish.

Most Popular

Book: Senior Management and Quality

Want to better understand or fine-tune your quality culture? Senior Management and Quality is for you. It views quality not only as a tool for delivering good products or services, but as a strategic weapon for excelling in the marketplace. Learn how you can turn your quality departments into value-add services, use quality personnel as internal consultants, and use quality to influence training and change management.

Quality Tool: Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a bar chart showing the tasks of a project, when each must take place, and how long each will take. As the project progresses, bars are shaded to show which tasks have been completed. People assigned to each task also can be represented. It's a helpful tool to use for scheduling or monitoring projects; communicating project plans or statuses; or showing the individual steps of a project. 

Article: Behavior-Based Quality

Behavior-based quality (BBQ) is a mindset and culture that can be promoted in any organization. BBQ, much like safety, can be driven by behavior at all levels of an organization, but is generally led from the top. BBQ has three main principles, all of which are the basics of quality: compliance, prevention and improvement. This article from Quality Progress details how you can take advantage of a different type of BBQ.

Webcast: Behavior-Based Quality and How to Get There

In this popular ASQ webcast, Arron Angle, the managing director of Qualnomics Consulting, introduces us to behavior-based quality (BBQ). Angle offers a fun and memorable twist to a powerful quality practice that can help transform your organization. Learn more about behavior-based quality and how you can apply it in your workplace.

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