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ASQ's Quality Resources is your one-stop online library of information related to quality. Access 70 years’ worth of content for all experience levels.

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Editor's Picks

Editor's Picks

Quality Progress August 2018Find the Right Fit with QP's Career Coach

One of the biggest challenges job searchers face is connecting with their interviewers. Some professionals are so intent on sharing their skills and expertise that they are not prepared for cultural questions during the interview. Learn how to avoid these common interview mistakes in this article from Quality Progress.

Ask the Experts: Unsigned Audit Reports

Q: Is it acceptable for an auditor to submit an unsigned audit report in Word? Our clients say it's against their policy to submit a signed report. Is this acceptable?
A: This does not appear to be a requirement; however, you do have options
. For the full answer, visit ASQ’s Ask the Standards Experts blog.

ISO 9001:2015 For Small Enterprises: What to Do (E-Book)ISO 9001:2015 for Small Enterprises: What to Do

This e-handbook provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with guidance on developing and implementing an effective quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015 requirements. While these requirements are meant for organizations of all sizes, this book focuses on how SMEs can work to get maximum benefit..

ASQTV: Kaizen, Buy-in and Efficiency

Many people try to come up with the perfect idea overnight. Using Kaizen methods and having a clear solution in mind, Vinay Goyal, Product Stewardship Project Lead, Johnson and Johnson Vision, says that quality projects become much easier to implement and offer bottom line value. Learn more in this episode of ASQTV.

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

The only safe ship in a storm is leadership.
Faye Wattleton, Alvarez & Marsal

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Book: The ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Study Guide

A "don't miss it" book for those preparing for the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) exam. Created by a team of ASQ Fellows, this study guide offers more than 300 new questions based on the second edition of The Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook. Answers to each chapter’s questions

Article: What Is a Fault Tree Analysis?

A fault tree analysis (FTA) is a method of using a general conclusion to determine specific causes of a system failure. It is a deductive procedure used to determine the various combinations of hardware, software, and human errors that may cause undesired events at the system level. An FTA is one of the most widely used methods in system reliability, maintainability and safety analysis.

Case Study: Improving Patient Safety

A quality improvement project at Medcare Hospital in Dubai centered on unreported medication errors. A cross-functional team used the FOCUS-PDCA model to determine root causes and identify potential improvements. Upon implementing a variety of low-cost solutions, staff members felt more comfortable in reporting errors, thus providing valuable information for building safer systems.

Webcast: Behavior-Based Quality 

In this ASQ webcast, Arron Angle, the managing director of Qualnomics Consulting, introduces us to behavior-based quality (BBQ). Angle offers a fun and memorable twist to a powerful quality practice that can help transform your organization. Learn more about behavior-based quality and how you can apply it in your workplace.

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