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ASQ's Quality Resources is your one-stop online library of information related to quality. Access more than 75 years’ worth of content for all experience levels.

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Editor's Picks

Editor's Picks

LAQ: Quality 4.0

Technological advances have resulted in the fourth industrial revolution or "Industry 4.0." "Quality 4.0" is a term that references the future of quality and organizational excellence within the context of Industry 4.0. Learn how quality professionals can play a vital role in leading their organizations to apply proven quality disciplines to new, digital, and disruptive technologies.

QP: Transfer to Transform

Knowledge, or human capital, is essential to organizational success and long-term relevance. High-performing organizations must make long-term plans to ensure knowledge is acquired, grown, and maintained to be transferred from one person to another and from one area of the organization to another.

Lean Six Sigma & Minitab, 6th Edition

Splitting the DMAIC

This book shows four typical paths through the DMAIC process to accomplish four different objectives: reduce variability of a characteristic, reduce failures of a machine, reduce waste in a process, and reduce the frequency of a defect. For each path, the methodology, step details, and a simple one-page checklist is presented. Project selection and team management are also discussed, since the choice of projects is crucial to creating context and therefore success.

ASQTV: Navigating Through Change and Ambiguity

Matt Meuleners, Executive Partner at FOCUS Training, discusses change and ambiguity, and the best practices an organization can use to lead through ambiguity.

Quote Of The Day

Quote of the Day

If we magnified our successes as much as we magnified our disappointments, we’d all be much happier.
Abraham Lincoln

Most Popular

Book: The ASQ CQE Study Guide

Unlike other resources on the market, all these questions and solutions were developed specifically to address the 2015 Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Body of Knowledge (BoK) and help those studying for it, including the proper depth of knowledge and required levels of cognition. None of this material has appeared in any previous resource or been shoehorned into fitting under the BOK’s topics.

Quality Resources: Ask a Librarian

Have questions? Looking for answers? In need of information? ASQ’s librarian can help you find information on your topic or answers to your questions by searching ASQ’s Quality Body of Knowledge (QBoK®). 

QP: Rock Solid

Practitioners of continuous improvement constantly search for tools to help lead teams and organizations toward successful outcomes. The theory of constraints (TOC) creates a potent combination for quickly finding root causes and producing solutions with a direct bottom-line impact. Regardless of industry, 6TOC can save time, effort and money. 

Learn About Quality: Problem Solving

Problem solving is the act of defining a problem; determining the cause of the problem; identifying, prioritizing, and selecting alternatives for a solution; and implementing a solution.

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