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ASQ's Quality Resources is your one-stop online library of information related to quality. Access more than 75 years’ worth of content for all experience levels.

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Editor's Picks

Editor's Picks

QP: Modern Approach

Traditional process capability analysis no longer is the best way to model performance in today’s digital age, where dynamic environments and remote process monitoring require more rapid data analysis cycles to support automation. In this month's Quality Progress cover story, the authors propose a new method that applies process capability and stability concurrently, which allows samples to be refreshed more frequently, thereby capturing the dynamic shifts in processes.

LAQ: Quality 4.0

"Quality 4.0" is a term that references the future of quality and organizational excellence within the context of Industry 4.0. Learn how quality disciplines can be applied to new, digital, and disruptive technologies.

Connected, Intelligent, Automated H1567 cover

Excelling On A Digital Transformation Journey

How an organization manages the ever-changing world of digital evolution in the present will ultimately determine its future. With this field guide, you will learn how to integrate people, processes, and technology to create greater efficiencies and profit. More importantly, you’ll realize that digital transformation is a dynamic, ongoing process that allows your organization to not just survive but thrive in the world of digital evolution.

QP: Unleash the Power

ASQ's commitment to covering Quality 4.0 and digital transformation materializes in a new column debuting this month, The Download. This month’s column focuses on the Internet of Things and whether you should buy into the hype and invest in this budding technology for your organization.

Quote Of The Day

Quote of the Day

Quality is everyone's responsibility.
W. Edwards Deming

Most Popular

Quality Press: Business Process Improvement Toolbox

This best-seller is fully revised and updated! Its goal is still to give readers practical insight into how they can create a coherent business process improvement system. The author works from the premise that consistently working on improving various aspects of how things are done, large and small, is the key to success for any organization.

Case Study: Refreshing Louisville Metro’s Problem-Solving System

The author uses a plot to analyze repair data on systems and predict the number of future repairs. The plot is illustrated with transmission repair data on a sample of 34 preproduction cars in a severe track test. The plot also shows whether the transmission population repair rate increases or decreases with mileage. 

Learn About Quality: Fishbone Diagram

This cause analysis tool is considered one of the seven basic quality tools. The fishbone diagram identifies many possible causes for an effect or problem. It can be used to structure a brainstorming session. It immediately sorts ideas into useful categories. 

Article: Why And How TQM Leads To Performance Improvements

Evidence shows that total quality management improves organizational performance, but researchers disagree on why and how such improvements occur and on who really benefits (shareholders, employees, customers, society). This study tests hypotheses relating to TQM adoption and the path from wealth creation to wealth appropriation.

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