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ASQ's Quality Resources is your one-stop online library of information related to quality. Access 70 years’ worth of content for all experience levels.

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Editor's Picks

Editor's Picks

Assess ISO Risk With FMEA

Quality Progress October 2017: Finding Focus with FMEA

Did you know failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) can be effectively applied to address the new risk-based thinking requirement found in ISO 9001:2015?  You can use risk priority numbers to assess the related risks and help you reduce or eliminate them altogether. Learn how you can find focus with FMEA in the October 2017 issue of Quality Progress.

New Conference: Quality 4.0 Summit

Don't miss the Quality 4.0 Summit on disruption, innovation, and change, November 13-14 in Dallas, Texas. Disruptive tech, such as artificial intelligence, big data, and robotics has been a hot topic and is only gaining momentum. Learn from industry leaders how these changes have a direct impact on quality functions and the professionals that work within them. Register today!

The Automotive IATF 16949:2016 Memory Jogger

The Automotive IATF 16949:2016 Memory Jogger

This book serves as the concise guidebook to the IATF 16949:2016 augmentations of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. It's a convenient ready reference for the specific automotive requirements in the Standard. A great tool to help each and every member of the company understand what it is they need to do and how they need to do it in order to successfully follow the requirements of IATF 16949:2016. Read more. 

Lean Six Sigma Deployment and Maturity Models: A Critical Review

For guidance in implementing Lean Six Sigma (LSS), both the academic and the practitioners’ literature offer deployment models and models for assessing the implementation’s maturity. This paper, featured in Quality Management Journal, makes a critical appraisal of the quality and usefulness of a sample of 19 such models.

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

The genius of the leadership function is articulating a vision of the future that is at once simple, easily understood, clearly desirable, and energizing. 
Bennis and Nanus

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Book: The Quality Toolbox

Need a comprehensive reference to a variety of quality methods and techniques? Look no further. Here you will find the seven basic quality control tools – including the fishbone diagram, PDCA cycle and Pareto chart – as well as newer management and planning tools. This updated edition also offers instructions and tips for generating and organizing ideas, evaluating ideas, analyzing processes, determining root causes, planning, and basic data-handling and statistics.

Learn About Quality: The Eight Disciplines

The eight disciplines (8D) model is a problem-solving approach typically employed by quality engineers or other professionals, often in the auto industry. It helps identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems, and it is useful in product and process improvement. By using 8D, users can help determine the origin of an issue and work to establish a permanent corrective action based on statistical analysis.

Case Study: Using Lean In Financial Services

In the "age of the customer," people are demanding more value from products and services. Organizations are responding by redesigning their operational processes to better meet customers' needs. Learn how service providers can meet customers’ rising value expectations with process designs that are not only lean but also offer high service quality. 

Article: Finding Meaning In Disruption

When employment disruption comes, many are left wondering, “What was the point in devoting so much time and energy to this work?” Past investments into building organizations, establishing relationships, and making improvements are questioned. A loss of self-worth and even depression may result. Learn how individuals and organizations could benefit from a shift in mindset to address inevitable employment changes in a productive and evolving manner.

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