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ASQ's Quality Resources is your one-stop online library of information related to quality. Access 70 years’ worth of content for all experience levels.

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The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook, 4th Edition

Certified Quality Engineer Handbook Fourth Edition

The Certified Quality Engineer Handbook aligns with the ASQ Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Body of Knowledge (BoK). This fourth edition contains a new chapter on risk management, an extensively updated glossary, new and updated references, and more. Written both as a guide for the CQE certification exam, but also a guide to the field of quality engineering.

ASQTV: Becoming and Staying an Engaged Organization

 Engagement is a hot topic for organizations, yet many people struggle with how to create and sustain it. In this ASQTV episode, Alyce Nelson, Executive Coach & Quality Principal, FAS. Inc., discusses how to keep staff engaged and how to keep from derailing organizational engagement.


desktop with notebookCase Study: Lean Six Sigma In the Wood Furniture Industry

In July’s Quality Management Journal, read how one small furniture company reaped great results from implementing lean Six Sigma (LSS). This case study shows how similar firms have the potential to reduce defects by 25 percent, reduce waste by 13 percent, and increase sales productivity by approximately 14 percent in the first year.

ASQ Needs You! World Conference Proceedings

ASQ’s Quality Information Center is trying to complete its archive of ASQ/ASQC World Conference proceedings. If you have conference proceeding documents from 1948-1950, please contact ASQ’s librarian at knowledgecenter@asq.org.


Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

Bad quality acts like a boomerang. It will eventually come back and hit you. 
Paul Tang, Quality and Project Manager

Most Popular

Learn About Quality:  Check Sheets

A check sheet is a structured, prepared form for collecting and analyzing data, and is often used when data can be observed and collected repeatedly by the same person or at the same location. The check sheet can be adapted for a variety of purposes, to determine the frequency of issues, view patterns, find the root cause of defects and more. It's often used as part of the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle.

Book: Pocket Guide to ISO 9001:2015

More than one million organizations from more than 160 countries have applied the ISO 9001 standard requirements to their quality management systems. The ISO Lesson Guide offers an easy-to-understand quick reference for the newest ISO update. Key concepts are highlighted at the beginning of each section and each element containing requirements is discussed.

ASQTV: Benchmarking

Benchmarking is used by many organizations to measure products, services, and processes against those of leading organizations. Benchmarking provides key insights to help you understand how your organization compares with similar organizations. This episode of ASQTV delves into benchmarking basics, as well as the six phases of a successful benchmarking process. 

Article: Adapting to Troubled Times

Growing pains, uncertainties due to changing industries or unstable economics can affect any organization. Instead of viewing this as a disadvantage, quality personnel should recognize this phases as an opportunity to demonstrate the impact quality can have. Learn how quality and Six Sigma leaders can adapt their skill sets, techniques, tools and leadership styles to navigate troubled waters.

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