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Week of January 16

Friday, January 20: "A useful motto during the start-up phase is 'Think big - start small.' " - Ernst & Young

Thursday, January 19: "The most demanding (and usually most frustrating) customers tend to be the ones that make your company better. Don't curse them, thank them!" - Brian Mailhot, continuous improvement specialist

Wednesday, January 18: "I'm more interested in speed than direction. Once you get moving, you can sort of veer and tack. But the important thing is, you're moving." - John Harvey-Jones (ICI)

Tuesday, January 17: "You can't build a house without hammer and nails." - Katsuya Hosotani

Monday, January 16: "Shallow men believe in luck, believe in circumstances. Strong men believe in cause and effect. " - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Week of January 9

Friday, January 13: "All roads that lead to success have to pass through Hardwork Boulevard at some point." - Eric Thomas

Thursday, January 12: "Slow and steady wins the race." - Aesop

Wednesday, January 11: "An old error is always more popular than a new truth." - German Proverb

Tuesday, January 10: "All excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose." - John W. Gardner

Monday, January 9: "A product is, to the potential buyer, a complex cluster of value satisfaction." - Theodore Levitt

Week of January 2

Friday, January 6: "Don't find fault, find a remedy." - Henry Ford

Thursday, January 5: "While pursuing quality, design for routine and prepare for adventure." - Haim Berman

Wednesday, January 4: "He who stops being better stops being good." - Oliver Cromwell

Tuesday, January 3: "Problems breed problems, and the lack of a disciplined method of openly attacking them breeds more problems." - Philip Crosby

Monday, January 2: "Problems are only opportunities in work clothes." - Henry J. Kaiser

Week of December 26

Friday, December 30: "In the service sector, consumers expect and demand more, because they know they can get more." - Hammer and Champy

Thursday, December 29: "The quality control function doesn't make other departments look bad or good. It just shines a light on what they are doing." - James Harrington, QC, SEMCO, LLC

Wednesday, December 28: "Until you implement a decision, it is not really a decision at all." - Edward C. Schleh

Tuesday, December 27: "TQM does not and will not bring results overnight. The essence of TQM is a change of culture." - Edward Sallis

Monday, December 26: "You cannot manipulate people into doing quality work." - Townsend and Gebhardt

Week of December 19

Friday, December 23: "Success is on the far side of failure." - Thomas Watson (IBM)

Thursday, December 22: "Unfortunately, no Gantt chart survives contact with reality." - Donald Sull, Rebecca Homkes, and Charles Sull

Wednesday, December 21: "Chaotic action is preferable to orderly inaction." - Karl E. Weick

Tuesday, December 20: "[Quality control] will not usually succeed if it consists merely of a handful of engineers studying statistics in a corner of a factory." - Kaoru Ishikawa

Monday, December 19: "Teaching quality principles is like publishing a book for a diverse audience: you need to translate it to the individual reader." - Brian J. Lewis, quality engineering manager, Green Industrial Supply, Inc.

Week of December 12

Friday, December 16: "The Voice of the Customer guides world-class leaders' every action and decision." - Chang, Labovitz, and Rosansky

Thursday, December 15: "Your customers may not be always right, but sometimes they are always right." - Douglas C. Krumm, Pr Project Manager, Rockwell Collins

Wednesday, December 14: "The systems perspective tells us that we must look beyond individual mistakes or bad luck to understand important problems." - Peter Senge

Tuesday, December 13: "Partial understanding of and involvement in quality can produce only partial success or total failure." - Townsend and Gebhardt

Monday, December 12: "We move families, not just furniture." - Allied Van Lines (slogan)

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