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Topic and Industry Communities – For Every Interest

These are the people that understand what you do and how you do it. Look to them for networking, best practices, and support.

Forums and Divisions
ASQ’s forums and divisions cover several industries and topics. Visit their Web sites for more details. ASQ Professional and Student memberships include membership in any or all of ASQ's technical communities. ASQ membership includes access to all 26 technical communities.

  • Audit
    Promotes broader application and use of quality auditing principles for effective business management purposes.
  • Automotive
    Members are from the automotive, heavy-truck, off-highway, agricultural, industrial, and construction equipment industries – including supporting suppliers.
  • Aviation, Space & Defense
    Members are from the manufacturing, service and government sectors of the aviation, defense and space industries.
  • Chemical and Process Industries
    Members work in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, glass, and petroleum. Technical interest groups serve members in specific industries.
  • Customer-Supplier
    This group explores, expands, and communicates the concepts and practices that lead to effective supplier performance and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Design and Construction
    Members include architects, engineers, designers, construction managers, contractors, safety engineers, facility managers and other professionals.
  • Education
    Promotes networking worldwide on quality in education, including K-12, Higher Education and Workforce Development. Students are encouraged to join us!
  • Electronics and Communications
    Members are quality and reliability professionals concerned with all types and levels of electrical, electronic, and communication products.
  • Energy and Environmental
    Members strive to address public concerns for satisfying energy needs while ensuring environmental health and welfare for future generations.
  • Financial Services
    Members will address the unique needs of professionals in the banking, insurance, brokerage & credit union industries.
  • Food, Drug, and Cosmetic
    Members are in quality control and assurance, regulatory and compliance, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales for food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
  • Government
    Members work in local, state, and federal government agencies, and advocate the use of quality principles and tools to transform the public sector.
  • Healthcare
    This group advances the knowledge of healthcare quality, and includes doctors, nurses, medical technologists, hospital administrators, hospital staff, auditors, and engineers.
  • Human Development and Leadership
    Provides the skills, knowledge, tools, and information needed to excel as individuals, leaders, teachers, trainers, coaches and mentors.
  • Innovation
    Members work to spread the knowledge of innovation tools, techniques, and approaches to enable quality professionals to be more successful in their pursuit of innovation.
  • Inspection
    Members include those responsible for establishing and developing inspection and test methodologies, and the quality professionals who perform inspections and tests.
  • Lean Enterprise
    Promotes lean principles and practices, including cost reduction, cycle time reduction, waste minimization and value-adding strategies.
  • Measurement Quality
    Members apply the principles of quality and statistics to measurement-related issues.
  • Medical Device (formerly Biomedical)
    Members are from engineering, quality, and regulatory affairs affiliated with the design, manufacture and support of medical devices, FDA regulations and international standards.
  • Quality Management
    Members represent all levels of management including executives, managers, team and project leaders, supervisors and quality professionals aspiring to those positions.
  • Reliability and Risk
    Provides a forum for networking among members on reliability engineering, management and related topics.
  • Service Quality
    Provides the knowledge to deploy and integrate quality systems, principles, and techniques in service-oriented functions.
  • Six Sigma
    Offers informal and practical opportunities for Six Sigma professionals at any experience level to share knowledge and solutions.
  • Social Responsibility Technical Community
    Members of all levels and all industries who are interested in the integration of quality and social responsibility as a means of achieving sustainability.
  • Software
    Members include software quality professionals, software engineers and others interested in applying quality principles to software development.
  • Statistics
    Members include quality managers, engineers, statisticians, and educators who apply, research, develop, and promote statistical methods.

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