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About ASQE
The ASQE Board of Directors Nominations Committee is excited to announce that they are now accepting applications for a 2024 external Nominations Committee member and a vacant Member Representative Director position. Apply today!


About ASQE

ASQE’s mission is to set the standard for quality-driven offerings and insight worldwide, empowering the organizations we serve to achieve excellence.

ASQE has a clear vision to drive best practices and thought leadership to improve organizational success. As a trade association, ASQE is committed to delivering the latest research, products, and opportunities that provide relevant thought leadership, resources, and skills to our member organizations and their workforce.


Who We Are
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Who We Are

ASQExcellence (ASQE) was founded in January 2020 as a trade association whose mission is to set the standard for quality-driven offerings and insights worldwide, inspiring the organizations it serves to achieve excellence. ASQE provides expertise, insights, thought leadership, networks and resources to a global membership of organizations and their affiliated individuals representing a wide range of industries and cultures.

ASQE is a registered trademark of ASQ, which was founded in 1946. Both are headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., USA. ASQ and ASQE complement and enhance each other by providing member value for both individuals and organizations.

ASQ continues to serve individuals through education, publications, events, and communities as a professional association. ASQE’s membership benefits and offerings serve organizations and their affiliated employees as a trade association.

The flagship of ASQE’s offerings includes ASQ certifications, which are powered by ASQE. This means that ASQE is the professional body behind the scenes which develops the Certification Body of Knowledge and manages all aspects of the certification process. When individuals pass their certification exam, the certification is branded as ASQ.

What We Do
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What We Do

As a trade association, ASQE is committed to delivering the latest research, products, and opportunities that provide relevant thought leadership, resources, and skills to our member organizations and their workforce.

Since ASQE’s inception in 2020, the rate of change affecting global industries has accelerated exponentially. To help navigate this rapidly changing environment, ASQE has launched the Insights on Excellence® (IoE) Benchmarking Tool, which captures emerging perspectives on organizational performance trends to bring them to ASQE members and the quality community. Developed with extensive voice-of-customer feedback, the IoE Benchmarking Tool is now an exclusive benefit for all of ASQE’s Organizational Membership levels. The themes and key takeaways from the IoE Benchmarking Tool generates ASQE’s published research, event programming, and networking discussions to provide comprehensive learnings and exclusive engagement opportunities for ASQE Organizational Members.

Additionally, while IoE focuses on organizations, ASQE continues to build on the development of the individual and their contributions to the organization through our diverse offering of ASQ Certifications, powered by ASQE.

Leadership Structure
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Leadership Structure

ASQ and ASQE, two separate but interdependent legal entities, are governed by two highly engaged boards who provide strategic direction and work in partnership with staff to carry out our mission. ASQ and ASQE are legally required to have separate CEOs or a staff leadership equivalent.

The officers of the ASQ Board of Directors appointed the initial ASQE board members so that ASQE had functional officers to conduct business. The ASQE board then approved the association bylaws. It will appoint and elect additional board members consistent with the bylaws. ASQE also has its own governance documents, including articles of incorporation and bylaws, and conducts meetings consistent with its bylaws.

ASQE bylaws state that at least two ASQ board members will serve on the ASQE board to ensure strategic alignment and collaboration between the organizations. The two board members are the ASQ Past Chair and a TCC liaison. The TCC liaison is responsible for aligning technical community content with member needs. The ASQ CEO also serves as a non-voting member of the ASQE board.

Call for Board Nominations

ASQE will open the call for nominations for new board members in June, and board applications are typically due by August. If you have questions about the nomination or selection process, please contact [email protected].

Board of Directors

2024 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the oversight of ASQE’s culture, finances, operation, risk management, and strategic planning. ASQE is pleased to announce our 2024 Board of Directors, including three new members. To further reinforce the interconnectivity of ASQ and ASQE, the ASQE Board of Directors includes the ASQ Past Chair, ASQ Technical Communities Council (TCC) Liaison, and the ASQ CEO.

Steven Wilson
Office of International Affairs,
Trade and Commerce
National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA)

Michelle Smith*
Eyas Medical Imaging

Barrie Simpson
Quality Support Group

Francisco Santos*
ASQ Past Chair

Jerry Rice
ASQ Technical Communities Council
(TCC) Liaison
Mercury Wire Products

Kenneth Giles
Member Representative Director
FedEx Corporation

Julio Abreu*
Member Representative Director


Sid Bhatnagar**
ASQ Chief Executive Officer

Jim Templin**
ASQE Chief Executive Officer,
Board Secretary

*New ASQE Board Members
**Non-voting Board Members

Governing Documents


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