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ASQ Certifications are recognized as a mark of quality excellence in many industries. They are designed to help you advance your career, improve your organization, and prepare you to be a more accomplished and effective quality-focused professional. Advantages of obtaining an ASQ Certification include increased income potential, a competitive advantage, and global recognition.

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Since 1991, certification has been rated as one of the three most valued benefits of ASQ membership. A professional certification offers tangible benefits to both the individual and the employer. Invest in yourself and your career with this mark of excellence. Gain an advantage over your competition, and increase the potential of earning a higher salary.

Certification CAN ...

Differentiate you.

Differentiate you.

ASQ certification is a formal recognition by ASQ that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specific body of knowledge. Nearly 250,000 certifications have been issued to dedicated professionals worldwide.

It’s also a mark of excellence. Recognized globally, ASQ certifications are essential development tools that help quality professionals show they’re on top — of regulations, of expertise, and of industry standards.

Enhance career opportunities and earning capacity.

Enhance career opportunities and earning capacity.

Earning a certification from ASQ can mean a lot as you work your way up in your career. According to the Quality Progress Salary Survey:
  • Quality professionals in the U.S. with an ASQ certification can make more than those without an ASQ certification
  • Having one ASQ certification can add thousands to the average salary in the U.S.
Read the 2019 QP Salary Survey to find out how much more an ASQ certification can help you earn.
Use the Quality Progress Salary Calculator to calculate what your salary could be.
Help you evaluate people and opportunities.

Help you evaluate people and opportunities.

ASQ certifications can help you open career doors and find doors you didn't know existed. People with ASQ credentials don't just improve their companies' bottom lines; they build careers.
Increase peer and leadership confidence in you.

Increase peer and leadership confidence in you.

Using information from the body of knowledge of a specific certification shows others that you have a proven skill set and you understand how to apply it to everyday life.

Six Sigma Black Belt Vincent Miller explains how acquiring an ASQ certification can increase the confidence that others have in you.

Demonstrate mastery of best practices.

Demonstrate mastery of best practices.

ASQ certifications show that professionals have demonstrated an expertise in a specific body of knowledge.

ASQ past chair Jim Rooney, who holds nine certifications, and talks about the benefits of certification.

Read insights provided by the quality community and seasoned professionals into why they pursued an ASQ certification and provided helpful advice on exam preparation in the ASQ Quality in Mind blog post.

Expand your social network.

Expand your social network.

ASQ certifications can help you connect with like-minded quality professionals to share your knowledge and to make the world work better.

Start networking.


Computer-based testing provides added benefits to those sitting for ASQ Certification.

ASQ moved to computer-based testing in 2016. Candidates will take ASQ certification exams at a Prometric testing facility where the test will be delivered via computer in a Prometric proctored, secure environment.
  • An increase in annual exam administrations from two to six
  • The availability of days in which to take the exams, increasing from four per year to 102
  • The convenience of retesting, reducing time from 6 months to 2
  • An increased number of testing locations, from 350 to 8,000
  • And faster test results, from 10 days to 0-4



ASQ offers all of our certification exams worldwide in English. Several of the certification exams have been translated as well:

  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


Bring value and a market differentiator to your organization with ASQ certifications.

  • Knowledgeable employees who assure product and service quality
  • Internationally recognized credentials from the global voice of quality
  • Greater employee loyalty and retention
  • On-site group certification administrations

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