Certification is a mark of excellence. It demonstrates that the certified individual has the knowledge to ensure the quality of products and services. Certification is an investment in your career and in the future of your employer.

You made the effort to pass the certification exam in the first place - now maintain it by being recertified with ASQ. Maintaining your certification secures the investment you've already made in your career.

Do I need to recertify?

ASQ requires that you recertify the following certifications every three years to ensure that you maintain the same level of knowledge demonstrated in your first exam.

To check your current certification information, please login. Your certifications will display there. The information will include expiration dates, status of pending certifications, and exam result information for retakes.

The following certifications require recertification:

Biomedical Auditor Software Quality Engineer
Calibration Technician HACCP Auditor
Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Master Black Belt
Pharmaceutical GMP Professional Quality Auditor
Quality Engineer Reliability Engineer
Six Sigma Black Belt ASQ/DON Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Supplier Quality Professional  

Note: Quality Improvement Associate, Quality Inspector, Quality Process Analyst, Quality Technician, Six Sigma Green Belt, and Six Sigma Yellow Belt are lifetime certifications. They have no recertification requirements.


Two Ways to Recertify

When you recertify, you can choose between two paths: ASQ recertification journal or an exam. Generally, it takes from four to eight weeks from the submission date before you can expect your new card and certificate.

1. Keep a Recertification Journal

The ASQ recertification journal is a form you can use to record activities that can count toward your recertification, including courses you have taken, employment history, committee work you have performed, and publications you have authored or co-authored.

You must obtain 18 recertification units (RUs) within your three-year recertification period. You can accumulate credits from professional activities that increase your understanding of the Body of Knowledge or enhance your job.

Recertification journal
Recertification application

Activities & their respective recertification units

Fees to recertify by journal/application:

  ASQ Member ASQ Non-Member
1 certification $69 $109
2 or more certifications $89 total $109 each

All prices listed are subject to change without notice.

You may submit recertification journal packets up to six months before or after your certification expiration date. (The six months after your expiration date is a "grace period," so that you can collect your documentation and submit your journal packet along with payment.)

Credits collected after your expiration date will apply toward your next recertification cycle. ASQ returns any journals submitted before the six-month period.

If you are synchronizing two or more certifications, you must submit your recertification packet within the six-month grace period of the certification that's expiring first. Read more on synchronizing your certifications.


2. Sit For the Exam

You may opt to sit for the exam rather than earn recertification units. Recertification by exam is required for those whose certification(s) has expired and are past the six-month grace period for submitting the ASQ recertification journal/application and documentation.

You have one year from your expiration date to recertify by exam before your certification(s) will lapse and be deleted from your certification records. During this year, you're not allowed to submit your recertification journal packet. You can recertify only by exam.


You are allowed up to one year before and after your certification expiration date(s) just to recertify by exam.

If you pass the exam you will be issued a new card and certificate with the same certification number as before. Note: Your recertification date will be your original due date, not the date you passed exam.

If you don't pass the recertification by exam, you will be decertified and will need to certify by exam as a new applicant. If you choose to certify as a new applicant and pass, you will receive an entirely new certification number, along with a new card and certificate and new three-year recertification start date.

Recertification by exam application and fees
Exam dates

Frequently Asked Recertification Questions

Read frequently asked questions about recertification.

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