Remote Proctoring (Online)

Prometric ProProctor gives you greater flexibility to choose where to test, when to test, and how to test. It is a reliable, convenient - yet secure - online, remote testing experience.

Prometric Test Center (In-person)

In-person testing allows you to show up 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment for check-in. Test center staff will assist you with your workstation and have your exam loaded and ready to begin with no hassle.

If scheduling your exam for remote proctoring, it is extremely important that you have a stable internet connection. Please perform a system readiness check prior to scheduling your exam via this method and once again closer to your exam appointment date to verify that your system is still meeting requirements. Failure to launch or complete your exam due to internet connectivity issues on your end will result in a $100 reschedule fee in order to reattempt the exam (the reschedule fee will increase to $130 effective January 1, 2023). We recommend using a wired internet connection during your exam if possible.

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COVID-19 Updates

Due to recent events surrounding COVID-19, ASQ is now offering candidates a remote testing option. Candidates can not only take their exams at their local Prometric testing site but can now take their exam from the comfort of their home via ProProctor (remote proctoring).

Prometric Testing Centers: Prometric follows local government rules & regulations as it relates to COVID-19 requirements. Please visit Prometric’s Site Guidelines and Testing Center Procedures

ProProctor (Remote Proctoring): Candidates can take their exams online through Prometric ProProctor. (*Please note that the Certified Master Black Belt is not eligible for remote testing.)

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