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Insights on Excellence from ASQE

Develop Content with IoE®

Through a partnership with the ASQ Technical Communities Council (TCC), ASQE is pleased to provide ASQ Member Communities with the opportunity to engage more in-depth with the IoE research. Coordinated with TCC leadership, Geographic Communities Council (GCC) leadership, and ASQ Component Relations, these opportunities provide meaningful ways for subject matter experts to develop content that addresses trends or gaps within the Quality Body of Knowledge (QBoK) to provide thought leadership.

Various ways to engage and create new content for the quality community:
  • Articles – Magazines and Journals
  • Case Studies
  • Webinars
  • Blog posts
  • ASQE Events
  • IoE Research Publications
  • Member Community meetings
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Steps for developing content with IoE research

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STEP 1: Get Project Approval with TCC / GCC Leadership

Each request to engage starts with the ASQ Project Charter, located in the IoE Research Member Toolkit, which describes the problem or opportunity you are looking to address with IoE research.

All ASQ Member Communities use Project Charters to bring their approved strategic business plans to life.

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STEP 2: Complete the Request Form

Once a Project Charter is approved by the TCC or GCC, a short request form is filled out to engage with IoE research. This form allows ASQ and ASQE to help support the Member Units with project completion.

To understand the variety of IoE projects available for member engagement, please review the IoE Research Member Toolkit for the definition of project types.

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STEP 3: Expand QBoK or Develop New Content Using IoE Research

Once the short request form is submitted, you will receive a reply within 2 weeks on next steps.

All projects must comply with ASQ and ASQE policies, including the ASQE Intellectual Property Policy. Insights on Excellence® is a registered trademark of ASQE.


The IoE Research Member Toolkit contains process information to get started, additional IoE research and Benchmarking Tool information, FAQ documents, and IoE presentation examples by ASQ Members.

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The Connected Journey Between ASQ, ASQE, and ASQConnEx

Excellence through quality is the shared mission of ASQ and ASQE. The connected journey between ASQ, ASQE, and ASQConnEx is a system that connects year-over-year industry data with the global IoE research being done by ASQE to foster continuous improvement.

The year-over-year IoE research identifies emerging trends across all industries and facilitates knowledge sharing and content creation across ASQ and ASQE, including opportunities like the IoE Research Member engagement.

Together our associations seek to inspire excellence, foster continuous improvement, and use data and best-in-class education to ensure that ASQ and ASQE members make an impact.

“Learning involves not only acquiring new knowledge and skills, but also taking on a new identity and a social position. Upskilling is great, but with just the act of upskilling we usually don't attend to the most important part, which is confirming the acquisition of skills. Deepening them by demonstrating capabilities that help people take on new identities and social positions can help people collaboratively use each other's skills and trust each other's abilities and, most importantly, know when to reach out and draw others in to be part of a solution.”

“Leaders need to be able to create a vision that inspires and excites people to want to be part of the journey the organization is on, and then follow through with actions that allow people’s talent to be utilized in achieving that vision.”

“Through our research, ASQE utilizes real-world data to guide both quality professionals and executives on how to adapt and excel. ASQE also uses this research data to optimize our own products and benefits, better serving our member organizations and their teams. As quality continues to evolve, we are committed to generating insights that assist our members in understanding how their own decisions and operational practices impact long-term viability, ecosystems, and resources.”