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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship and/or difference between ASQ and ASQE?

ASQExcellence (ASQE) was founded in January 2020 as a trade association whose mission is to set the standard for quality-driven offerings and insights worldwide, inspiring the organizations it serves to achieve excellence. ASQ serves a membership of quality professionals through educational advancement.

ASQ and ASQE complement each other by providing member value for both individuals and organizations. The flagship of ASQE’s offerings includes ASQ certifications, which are powered by ASQE, meaning ASQE is the professional body behind the scenes which develops the Certification Body of Knowledge and manages all aspects of the certification process. When individuals pass their certification exam, the certification is branded as ASQ.

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What are the annual membership fees for individuals or organizations?

Membership Fee
ASQ Professional Membership $185
ASQE Partner Organizational Membership $6,000 (includes 10 Affiliate Memberships to ASQ)
ASQE Ambassador Organizational Membership $15,000 (includes 30 Affiliate Memberships to ASQ)
ASQE Leader Organizational Membership $25,000 (includes 50 Affiliate Memberships to ASQ)

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What are the differences between an ASQE Organizational and ASQ Individual membership?

ASQ and ASQE are independent organizations who share a mission of bringing education and quality insights to individuals and organizations. ASQ serves a membership of quality professionals through educational advancement. Membership is based on the individual's level of engagement within the society and provides leadership opportunities. ASQExcellence (ASQE) was founded in January 2020 as a trade association whose mission is to set the standard for quality-driven offerings and insights worldwide, inspiring the organizations it serves to achieve excellence.

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Would I receive pricing discounts with ASQ and ASQE memberships?

Yes, ASQ Members and ASQE Affiliate Members and Employees receive discounts on education, certification, event registrations, standards, books, and publications. Discounts vary based on product type.

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What is a Technical Community?

Technical communities are topic and industry-specific based on member interests. They are member-led communities that include divisions, forums, interest groups, and technical committees. ASQ and ASQE membership includes access to all 27 technical communities.

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What is a Section?

ASQ Sections or Geographic communities, provide the convenience of physical and virtual networking and professional development based on your location. Globally, there are more than 230 member-led local ASQ sections and subsections.

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Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

No, ASQ Individual Membership is not transferable.

For ASQE, a new Primary Contact for an organizational member company may be eligible for an Affiliated Membership if needed, per transition of a former Primary Contact. Further discussion with ASQE is required to transfer the Primary Contact's membership.

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Where can I find my Member ID Number?

For ASQ Individual Membership, log into asq.org, then go to "My Account" in the upper blue bar of your screen. Your member number can be found on the right-hand side under “Membership Summary”.

For ASQE Affiliated Employees, log into asq.org, then go to "My Account" in the upper blue bar of your screen. Click on the left navigation link "Print your Membership Card" and follow the links to access your PDF version of the card. Your member ID number is indicated below your name.

For ASQ Pet Membership, please refer to… wait a minute there is no ASQ Pet Membership. (Yet?) Looks like you’ve found Ms. Dee Fect’s mistake on this page. Enjoy your downloadable freebie and Happy World Quality Month! 

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How do I change my address and email in My Account?

Login into "My Account" in the upper blue bar of your screen on asq.org. The center of the page displays your contact information. Click on ‘Edit’ to change your home/business address or email address. For ASQE Organizational Affiliated Members or Employees, your primary email address must remain your work email domain to qualify for benefits.

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When can I upgrade my membership or select a new Organizational Membership Level?

For ASQ Individual Members, you can upgrade your Professional membership to Senior after completing specific requirements. Becoming a Fellow Member has additional requirements. Call Customer Care at 1-800-248-1946 between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central time on weekdays for more assistance.

For ASQE Organizational Memberships, the Primary Contact may select a new level at the time of Renewal. Contact the Organizational Member Success Manager at [email protected] to determine which level best suits your company's needs. As of July 2021, the former options of Enterprise and Corporate Organizational Membership will be discontinued for active renewals.

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How do I request a replacement membership card?

For ASQ Individual Members, you can also e-mail a request for a new card to [email protected] or call Customer Care at 1-800-248-1946 between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central time on weekdays.

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I paid my membership fee with a credit card. Are renewal fees automatically charged to that card?

No, automatic renewal is not available for ASQ or ASQE memberships at this time.

To renew your membership, please follow the processed indicated within your email communications received from either ASQ or ASQE.

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Will I lose my certification if my membership lapses?

No. Your certification is separate from your ASQ and ASQE membership status. However, some certifications require recertification every three years. You do receive 0.5 recertification units per 12 months of membership and the cost of recertification is higher for nonmembers. Visit ASQ's Recertification website for more information.

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Why am I being charged HST/GST?

Following a review by the Canada Revenue Agency of ASQ's GST/HST returns, it was determined that ASQ must begin charging GST/HST on additional products/services. The CRA determined that under Canadian tax statutes ASQ must also charge GST/HST on membership, training, electronic supplies (e-books), exam fees, and all conferences held in Canada. This took effect in January 2019.

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What are the differences between an ASQ Individual Professional Member and an ASQE Affiliated Professional Member?

ASQ Individual Memberships can be maintained separately by any individual, per adherence to society ethics and membership policy. ASQE Affiliate Memberships for Individuals remain active if the company maintains an active ASQE Organizational Membership and the employee is appropriately linked to their company through their valid work email address domain and obtains an Affiliate Membership status.

If included in their Organizational Membership's Level annual allotment, their membership will renew in relation to the company's valid renewal. If receiving a 25% discount for their Affiliate Membership, their renewal timing is only dependent upon the active status of the company's organizational membership.

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Can Organizational Membership linked employees engage with ASQ subject matter experts?

In the current ASQE Organizational Membership model, linked employees of ASQE member companies have limited access to myASQ and can engage with the 26 Technical Communities and 230+ Geographic Communities online. When the new model is available, each Organizational Membership level will have included ASQ Individual Memberships (known as Affiliate Members) that will allow these designated employees to participate in any Technical and Geographic Communities they choose and serve as Member Leaders within those communities. This is designed to build a bridge between ASQE and ASQ, allowing for increased member engagement, learning, and networking opportunities.

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How do I redeem recertification units (RUs) as an ASQ or ASQE Member?

ASQ Members should follow the designation for Professional or Student Membership in the table below, per your membership status.

In the new ASQE Organizational Membership model, Affiliate Memberships are the same designation as a Professional Membership for recertification. Linked employees, or Affiliate Employees of ASQE Organizational Membership, should use the Organizational designation to claim RU’s. ASQE Affiliate Members can earn RUs for membership-related activities, such as attending an Ascend Virtual Workshop or an ASQ Conference under the (A) Professional Development recertification worksheet.

To check your membership status, login to your profile on ASQ.org to make sure you are linked to an active Organizational Membership or an active ASQ Membership. You can also contact [email protected] to check on your RU status. For more details about recertification, please visit the recertification page

(K) Membership Type Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Professional (Senior, Fellow, and Corporate) 0.5 RU 0.5 RU 0.5 RU 1.5 0.000
Student 0.5 RU 0.5 RU 0.5 RU
Organizational 0.5 RU 0.5 RU 0.5 RU

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Will ASQE have its own member events or programs?

Yes, ASQE has Organizational Members-only events, such as the annual Excellence Roundtable (ERT) and Ascend Virtual Workshop events. The Ascend Virtual Workshop series and ERT event provide ASQE Organizational Member Primary, Secondary, and Executive contacts the opportunity to learn, connect, and discuss the research findings and recommendations from the latest ASQE Insights on Excellence® research. Providing these events where quality professionals and executives can connect on trending quality topics across industries, countries, and levels of expertise gives our members the unique opportunity to share knowledge in a more rapid, targeted way. By encouraging continuous learning and networking, this can assist for easier adaptation within companies to address transformative efforts with new means of thinking and understandings from a global perspective.

As part of the Connected Journey between the associations, a key component of the Ascend Virtual Workshops and ERT event are the ASQ Member Leader volunteers that serve as Table Captains for breakout discussions. Table Captains use their quality subject-matter expertise to bring the topic-focused conversations to life, supported with their familiarity of resources developed by ASQ’s Technical Communities.

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How do I receive more information on the Insights on Excellence® Benchmarking Tool?

Members can access the IoE Benchmarking Tool landing page and materials through their normal login to learn more about the overall vision of the tool and to access the supporting reports and research. The IoE benchmarking tool became available to ASQE Organizational Members in 2022, which was communicated to members. ASQ Individual Members will not have access to the tool, as it is an ASQE Organizational Membership benefit. If there are additional questions, or interest in the Organizational Membership levels, please contact the ASQE team at [email protected].

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How should ASQ and ASQE Members use the Insights on Excellence® findings and statistics?

The collection of research reports since 2020 features the IoE benchmarking data established across 8 categories, focused on Barriers & Disruptors and Digital Transformation in particular. Since 2020, most industries were severely disrupted and forced to adapt to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including a rapid global response to digital transformation. This also brought quality issues to life, especially in properly using technology, understanding metrics and data, and sharing information throughout the organization. Digital transformation, or “Quality 4.0,” is a leading topic for quality professionals to play a vital role in leading their organizations to apply proven quality disciplines to new, digital, and disruptive technologies.

The key findings of the IoE data on these areas and more are meant to help quality professionals and executives validate their own experiences, provide a means to help educate their peers, and network on how to use best practices to pursue organizational excellence amidst challenging times. ASQE member-exclusive events allow Organizational Members to share their subject-matter expertise across industries on the research topics/key findings. ASQE has also provided IoE Toolkits to our Organizational Members that contain presentations, videos, and talking points to best speak about the IoE research with their teams.

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Is the ITEA program available to participate in as a team or a judge?

No, as of July 1st, 2022, ASQExcellence (ASQE) made the difficult decision to discontinue the International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) program after 35+ years. Program materials and portals for both teams and judges were removed from the website.

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