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About the Quality Body of Knowledge (QBOK®)

To meet the knowledge and professional development needs of the quality community, ASQ offers the Guide to the Quality Body of Knowledge (QBOK®), Version 2.0. Originally published in 2009 and updated in 2015, this guide contains:

QBOK Guide- Definitions and background for the QBOK activity
- The framework of topics that make up the QBOK
- Process models for QBOK development activities
- Information about how you can participate in developing and distributing information on quality

Download the Guide to the Quality Body of Knowledge (QBOK®) Version 2.0 (PDF)

The QBOK Framework

Since the 2009 publication of the Guide to the Quality Body of Knowledge, the framework of topics has been updated to reflect the changing needs of the quality community. Chief among the changes made for version 2.0 is stronger focus on innovation. 

View the QBOK framework, version 2.0  


The QBOK Management System

QBOK Stewardship ModelA strategic management system based on ASQ's stewardship for quality knowledge helps ensure the vitality, reliability, and accessibility of the QBOK. 

Learn about the management system and its five subsystems  


Get Involved

Stakeholders including individuals, organizations, ASQ member units, and other groups all have roles they can play. Contact knowledgecenter@asq.org if you'd like to work more directly with the QBOK team.

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