Service Quality Tools

The SQBOK team has created a collection of more than 100 quality tools service quality professionals can use on the job. Follow the links in the table to learn more about the tools and to see service-specific examples, and then please take a 15-question survey to help evaluate SQBOK progress and potential next steps.

Customer and Market  Focus
Employee Focus
Service Delivery
Strategic Development and Deployment
Service Management Delivery
Process Management
Measurement and Analysis
Information Management
Environment and Infrastructure
360° feedback assessments   X                  
5 Hows       X       X X   X
5 Whys       X       X X   X
Affinity process                X     X
Analysis of variance (ANOVA)                X X    
Analytic hierarchy process (pair wise)                 X    
Attribute agreement analysis                 X    
Audit plan        X       X      
Balanced scorecards  X                 X  
Benchmarking  X     X   X   X X   X
Box plot               X X    
Brainstorming       X       X     X
Capability analysis               X      
Change management processes       X       X   X  
Check sheet       X       X      
Client contracts  X         X          
Code of conduct   X                  
Communication plan      X   X            
Complaint tracking                  X    
Confidence interval       X         X    
Continuous improvement tracking                   X  
Control chart        X       X X    
Control plan        X     X   X    
Corrective/preventive actions                    X  
Correlation       X         X    
Cost benefit analysis        X       X X   X
Critical success factors    X                  
Critical success measures    X                  
Customer satisfaction survey X     X         X    
Cycle time analysis (lead time)        X       X X    
Dashboard  X                 X  
Data collection plan        X     X X X    
Data mining       X       X X    
Design of experiments (DOE)               X X    
Employee satisfaction survey    X                  
Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)        X       X X    
Fishbone diagram        X       X X   X
Flow chart           X       X  
Focus groups    X   X         X   X
Force field analysis       X         X    
Gage/gauge linearity and bias study                 X    
Gage/gauge repeatability and reproducibility (R&R)        X         X    
Gantt chart             X       X
Hierarchy diagram         X            
Histogram       X       X X    
Idea map       X       X     X
Integrated definition for function modeling (IDEF0)               X      
Integrated definition modeling (IDEF)       X         X    
Job description   X                  
Kano analysis  X             X X   X
Key performance indicators (KPI)       X       X     X
Knowledge bases/information libraries                   X  
Management by walking around   X                  
Market research X                    
Meeting evaluation               X      
Muda walk       X       X     X
Multivoting                     X
Newsletter     X                
Nominal group technique (NGT)       X       X     X
Pareto chart               X X    
Performance reviews   X                  
Performance scorecard                 X  X  
Personality type assessments   X                  
Predictive modeling       X              
Process maps   X   X       X      
Project charter  X X         X X     X
Project plan   X                  
Project prioritization matrix                      X
Quality function deployment(QFD)              X       X
Queuing theory        X       X      
Radar chart                  X    
Recognition and rewards strategies/programs   X     X X          
Regression               X X    
Responsible, approves, supports, is informed, is consulted (RASIC) matrix (also RACI matrix) X X X                
Risk assessment analysis                X      
Run chart               X X    
Scatter plot                 X    
Service level agreement (SLA)        X   X X X      
Social media forum (blog, FAQ)  X                    
Spaghetti diagram        X       X      
Stakeholder analysis  X     X     X X     X
Stated values: beliefs and principles         X            
Statement of work  X                    
Statistical hypothesis test                 X    
Storyboard       X       X     X
Strategy map           X          
Strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results (SOAR) analysis           X   X      
Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis X X       X   X      
Succession planning   X                  
Suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, customers (SIPOC) diagram  X   X X       X      
Survey  X X   X X     X X   X
System controls and security                    X  
Theory of constraints                X      
Time studies        X       X     X
Training/competency matrix   X       X       X  
Value stream map        X       X      
Vision/mission/values statements         X X          
Voice of the customer (VOC)    X   X   X   X X   X
Work instructions   X                  
Working styles   X                  
XY matrix                 X    

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