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Lean & Six Sigma Review Author Guidelines

 Aim and Scope

Lean & Six Sigma Review (LSSR), a peer-reviewed, quarterly publication, is designed to provide practical knowledge on subjects that address the developmental needs of lean Six Sigma executives, champions, Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts and Yellow Belts. It focuses on publishing articles that improve the application of the lean and Six Sigma methods at all levels, from the basics to the boardroom, and from different perspectives, across a wide range of industries and organizations.

Content Areas

LSSR publishes articles within key lean Six Sigma content areas, including lean and/or Six Sigma:

  • Case studies (applications of lean and/or Six Sigma in any industry and organization)
  • Certification
  • Support
    • Role of the lean and/or Six Sigma champion
    • Executive and management involvement
    • Resource planning
    • Organizational culture
  • Tools and methods (basic to advanced) from the lean Six Sigma body of knowledge
    • Change management methods and programs
    • Cost savings identification
    • Deployment plans
    • Project selection
    • Project management
  • Training
    • Benefits
    • Characteristics of successful belts
    • Curriculum design
    • Delivery modalities
    • Software

Instructions for Authors

Thank you for choosing to submit your article to LSSR. These instructions will ensure we have everything required so your article can move through peer review, production, and publication smoothly. Please take the time to read and follow these instructions as closely as possible.

After your article has been assessed for suitability by the editor, it will be peer-reviewed by a member of the LSSR Editorial Review Board. As needed, reviewers’ comments will be shared with authors as feedback to support them in revising their article.

Preparing Your Article
Articles should be submitted using MS Word. Typical article lengths are approximately 2,000. The manuscript should use 12-pt. Times New Roman font, and it should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides.

LSSR Guide for Writing an Article

Submitting Your Article
All submissions should be sent to:
   Valerie Ellifson
   Manuscript Coordinator, ASQ
   e-mail: [email protected]
   (Phone: 800-248-1946)

Column and Department Guidelines

Nuts & Bolts
This column covers one well-known, entry-level lean or Six Sigma-related tool, concept or method for readers new to the lean or Six Sigma or those who need retraining on basic, traditional lean or Six Sigma concepts. Include examples of how the tool or concept works, demonstrating why it has become a staple among quality practitioners. Submit your article to [email protected].
Word limit: 600 words

Five Whys
This department seeks perspectives from leaders in the lean and Six Sigma community by asking five questions that begin with the word “Why.” Submit your suggestions to Lindsay Dal Porto, LSSR contributing editor, at [email protected].
Ask a Belt
This department lets readers pose questions about lean and Six Sigma, and subject matter experts provide answers and advice. Submit your question to Lindsay Dal Porto, LSSR contributing editor, at [email protected].



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