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Copyright and Permissions

The instant you create a manuscript, your rights over that intellectual property are protected. You continue to own all copyrights to any work you produce until you formally transfer those rights to someone else.

Visit the United States Copyright Office website for information on your rights under copyright law.

ASQ Copyright Policy

ASQ’s copyright and permissions policies are available in full at asq.org/copyright.

Copyright law requires that publishers obtain written transfer of copyright from the author(s) prior to publication. After accepting your manuscript, ASQ will ask you to sign and return a copyright transfer form before we proceed with publishing. United States Government employees must sign the section stating exemption from the copyright laws.

Submitted manuscripts must be your original, previously unpublished work. If you use substance from other works, you must obtain written permission to reprint the borrowed material. This includes any illustrations, tables, or substantive direct quotations that are outside the realm of fair use. Written permission from the copyright owner must list each item of borrowed material. Publication cannot proceed until copies of all permission letters are received.

When you transfer copyrights to ASQ, you may retain the right to post a copy of your article, or other shorter work, on your own website, and to use the content for noncommercial purposes. Widespread distribution of your own content for commercial purposes may require that you obtain ASQ’s permission.

Transferring your copyrights allows ASQ to handle all permission and distribution inquiries without having to contact you first.

Review ASQ’s permissions policy.

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