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2023 ASQE Insights on Excellence Category Report
  • Automotive, Energy/Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Quality, Software Development

2023 ASQE Insights on Excellence Category Report

August 2023


Continuing with our third year of consecutive research, ASQE is pleased to present our annual 2023 Insights on Excellence® (IoE) Category Report. Across all nine of the IoE categories, ASQE explores the trends, emerging priorities, and shifts in performance where quality plays an integral role. The goal of this annual Category Report is to deliver actionable guidance to our member communities to pursue best practices in organizational excellence and operational performance. This report also features four key takeaways to address areas of opportunity such as new requirements in legal compliance, changes in stakeholder expectations, and ensuring the organization’s mission has long-term relevancy. Plus, hear from three ASQ member leaders with years of experience to address these new challenges in operational performance per the research findings.

While many industries have experienced unprecedented challenges over the last several years, the silver lining is that many gaps and areas for improvement have been identified since then. The challenge moving forward is for leadership and their workforce to build a shared understanding of priorities and invest in up-skilling for both executives and quality professionals. Explore the IoE research trends in this report to help identify where you and your colleagues can focus your efforts to achieve positive change.

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