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2021 ASQE Insights on Excellence Annual Research Report
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2021 ASQE Insights on Excellence Annual Research Report

December 2021


Each year, the goal of this report is to deliver actionable guidance to our member communities to pursue best practices in organizational excellence and operations. Since ASQExcellence (ASQE)  published our 2020 Annual Research Report, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have continued to present significant disruption across most industries and changed the ways in which business is done. This year’s report presents a year-over-year comparison of our 2020 benchmarking data set with new 2021 research, identifying emerging trends and providing insights on what concerns are most prevalent throughout the quality community during these uncertain times.

As a trade association, ASQE is committed to delivering research, benefits, and opportunities that provide relevant thought leadership to organizations. These efforts align with our mission to set the standard for quality-driven offerings and insights worldwide, inspiring the organizations we serve to achieve excellence. In this report, you will see a comprehensive collection of updates to the benefits available to our ASQE Organizational Members, including the new membership levels and resources such as our Insights on Excellence (IoE) benchmarking tool. In addition, we are pleased to share a look forward to the future, as ASQE continues to evolve and create new offerings, and further develop our connection with ASQ.

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