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Only the Essentials
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Only the Essentials

Planning out what’s most suitable to carry on a successful career strategy

Quality Progress
December 2023
Volume 56 Issue 12
pp. 14-25
Hansen, Max, Chu, Jenny
Management consultant, Sacramento, CA, Lagom Consulting, Richmond, VA


Packing for a trip may seem simple, but it can be tricky: Add too much, and you’re overloaded with needless items that weigh you down. Leave things out, and you’re harried with detours to pick up much-needed clothes or accessories along the way. But do it strategically, and you’re ready to go. Think of your résumé as the suitcase you’re packing for a successful career journey. You must have the proper pieces (certifications and Belts), along with various items of equipment (education, experience and training) to ensure you’re ready for anything. The 37th annual ASQ Salary Survey report serves as a packing list to make sure you have all the right items in your trunk of offerings. 

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