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Living a Quality Life
  • Education

Living a Quality Life

How 3 aspects of quality can help you build a worthy lifestyle

Quality Progress
June 2023
Volume 56 Issue 6
pp. 34-39
Gupta, Raunak
Gyaannirudra, India


Bringing principles of quality home is a matter of turning those principles on one's own life according to quality's different aspects. Quality of design here would mean that personal goals, complete and explicit, are categorized properly and ordered according to time frame, for example. With respect to quality of conformance, a person benefits from implementing a plan to achieve the goals set out in the design phase and beginning to measure results over time while simultaneously improving the center of the process—oneself—through incremental personal improvements, such as education. Quality of performance is the ongoing return to and adjustment of the goals made in the design phase to account for the personal quality plan's real-world results, good or bad. Remembering that small improvements both are the name of the game and tend to add up, quality improvement as a part of everyday life can put a person very much in control of his or her own long-term happiness.

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