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Principles of Quality Costs, Fourth Edition
Principles of Quality Costs, Fourth Edition

Principles of Quality Costs, Fourth Edition

Financial Measures for Strategic Implementation of Quality Management

Douglas C. Wood ASQ Quality Management Division

Hardcover, 240 pages, Published 2013
Dimensions: 7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-87389-849-2
Item Number: H1438

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  • quality costs
  • cost of poor quality


The last decade has seen wide changes in how quality standards are applied in industry. We now have two functions: quality assurance and process improvement. Quality assurance focuses primarily on product quality, while process improvement focuses on process quality; the principles of quality cost support both.

The purpose of this book remains the same as the third edition: to provide a basic understanding of the principles of quality cost. Using this book, organizations can develop and implement a quality cost system to fit their needs. Used as an adjunct to overall financial management, these principles will help maintain vital quality improvement programs over extended timeframes.

This fourth edition now includes information on the quality cost systems involved with the education, service, banking, and software development industries. You'll also find new material on ISO 9001, cost systems in small businesses, and activity based costing. Additional information on team-based problem-solving, customer satisfaction, and the costs involved with the defense industry are also offered.