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The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Quality Cost Programs (e-book)
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The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Quality Cost Programs (e-book)

Reduce Operating Expenses and Increase Revenue

Douglas C. Wood

PDF, 128 pages, Published 2007
ISBN: 978-0-87389-716-7
Item Number: E1309

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This book is intended to provide a fundamental introduction to Cost of Quality concepts (often simply referred to as Quality Costs) for executives or those individuals new to quality concepts. In addition, it can help anyone in an organization interested in how this measurement methodology links to business costs. This book is not intended to be used as a handbook or as an in-depth exploration of the underlying methodology, but rather a helpful overview of an approach to maximize value and bottom line impact.

If you are an executive wanting to understand more about what Cost of Quality measurements are, you need only look at Chapters 1-3. Chapter 3 is an overview of building a Cost of Quality measure, Chapter 4 includes details of building a Cost of Quality measure, Chapter 5 has recommendations on how to sell a Cost of Quality program, and Chapter 6 discusses pitfalls.

Both manufacturing and non-manufacturing firms who are just getting started or contemplating a Quality Cost measurement program will find this book especially valuable. To aid in illustrating the application of these principles to diverse and global businesses, case studies have been selected and included to demonstrate how the general approach can accommodate and enhance different organizations. These examples demonstrate the broad spectrum across which Quality Cost methods can be used as a measurement tool, making improved performance clear in a dollars and cents manner.

"This is a very well-written and authoritative book on COQ. It wastes few words and is easily understood, I would definitely recommend it. I would even say that, in my opinion, it is the best book on COQ written to date."

  • Norm Pedersen
    quality consultant