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Creativity, Innovation, and Quality
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Creativity, Innovation, and Quality

Paul E. Plsek

PDF, 313 pages, Published 2005
ISBN: 978-0-87389-404-3
Item Number: E0930

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  • Basic Quality
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All organizations need innovation to thrive today, tomorrow, and into the next century. Vitalize your organization's quality process by learning how to generate your own methods for creative thinking that uniquely suit your specific needs. This exciting and useful book is the perfect tool for anybody who wants to intensify their creative energies, and for those who think they are too analytical or not the type to be creative.

Creative thinking can advance the practice of quality management. Plsek lists five reasons why practitioners of quality management should be interested in innovation and the three major principles that underlie all tools of creativity. He also reveals results from a study of creativity and innovation that debunks many common stereotypes about creative thinking. This book will appeal to even the most analytical thinkers in quality.

Use the thought-provoking chapter summaries and lists to make application easier. Learn processes for developing personal tools to stimulate creativity. Includes more than 30 figures.

"This book motivates people like me to become more innovative. I have always been an analytical, numbers man who has relied on analysis instead of innovation...
I plan to become more proficient in using these tools in order to increase my effectiveness as a troubleshooter."

       --Henry L. Lefevre, Principal, 
Lefevre Enterprises

"The author provides a process that enables everyone to develop their own tools to stimulate creativity...his identification of "attention-escape movement" has provided others the tools to be just as creative ast he creative experts."

       --Paula Sommer, President 
Institute for Standards in Quality Education