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Honorary Members

2020  A. Blanton Godfrey
2020  H. James Harrington
2020  Gregory Watson
2019 Dr. Marcos E. Bertin
2018 G. Geoffrey Vining
2018 Ronald Snee
2015 Dr. Noriaki Kano 
2015 Sr. Mary Jean Ryan 
2014 Douglas C. Montgomery 
2009 Yoji Akao
2004 Frank M. Gryna
2004 Yoshio Kondo
2004 John D. Hromi
2003 Dr. Lloyd S. Nelson
2000 Philip B. Crosby
1998 J. Stuart Hunter
1997 Genichi Taguchi
1996 George E.P. Box
1995 Dorian Shainin
1992 William A. Golomski
1986 Armand V. Feigenbaum
1986 Kaoru Ishikawa
1982 Harry G. Romig
1978 Ellis R. Ott
1970 W. Edwards Deming
1968 Joseph M. Juran
1968 EugeneL. Grant
1965 Simon Collier
1965 Harold F. Dodge
1965 Mason E. Wescott
1960 Martin A. Brumbaugh
1949 George D. Edwards
1947 Walter A. Shewart


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