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Gryna Award Winners

The Gryna Award is presented for the paper, published in the preceding year, that has made the largest single contribution to the extension of understanding and knowledge of the philosophy, principles, or methods of quality management.

The award has been presented since 2010. See the complete list of award recipients and their winning articles in the table below. While the most recent articles are reserved for journal subscribers, ASQ members have access to past articles. Learn more about ASQ journals.

Could you be the next Gryna Award recipient?

When you publish an article with ASQ, it becomes eligible for consideration by the award committee. See frequently asked questions about publishing with ASQ.

Award-winning authors and articles

Year Award Recipient Winning Article
2022 Muratcan Erkul, Subhajit Chakraborty, and Hale Kaynak
The strategic value of servitization: A quality management perspective, Quality Management Journal, Vol. 28, Issue 4, Pages 176-189.
2019 Charles Rollin Gowen III
Jung Young Lee
Kathleen L. McFadden
An empirical study of U.S. hospital quality: Readmission rates, organizational culture, patient satisfaction, and Facebook ratings
October 2018, Quality Management Journal, volume 25, issue 4
2017 Brandon Phillips
Daniel Peak
Victor R. Prybutok
SNSQUAL: A Social Networking Site Quality Model
October 2015
Quality Management Journal, volume 23, issue 2, pages 19-36
2016 Dana M. Johnson
Roberta S. Russell
SEM of Service Quality to Predict Overall Patient Satisfaction in Medical Clinics: A Case Study
October 2015
Quality Management Journal, volume 22, issue 4, pages 18-36
2015 Kathleen L. McFadden
Jung Young Lee
Charles Rollin Gowen III
Barton M. Sharp
Linking Quality Improvement Practices to Knowledge Management Capabilities
January 2014
Quality Management Journal, volume 21, issue 1, pages 42–58
2014 John R. Latham A Framework for Leading the Transformation to Performance Excellence Part II: CEO Perspectives on Leadership Behaviors, Individual Leader Characteristics, and Organizational Culture
July 2013
Quality Management Journal, volume 20, issue 3, pages 19-40
2013 John R. Latham Management System Design for Sustainable Excellence: Framework, Practices and Considerations (open access)
April 2012
Quality Management Journal, volume 19, issue 2, pages 7-21
2012 Michelle Deutsch Employee Engagement: Understanding the Business Case and Providing Tools for Increasing Engagement in the Workplace
ASQ Human Development and Leadership Division Primer
2010 Deborah L. Hopen The Changing Role and Practices of Successful Leaders (open access)
April 2010
The Journal for Quality and Participation, volume 33, issue 1, pages 4-9


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