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Deming Medalists

2024 Paul Hollingworth
2023  Clifford L. Norman
2019 Alan Winlow, MBE  
2017 David P. Langford
2016 Rocco Perla
2014 Michael D. Tveite
2010 Donald J. Wheeler
2009 Paul Batalden
2007 H. Thomas Johnson
2006 Peter R. Scholtes
2004 Shoichiro Toyoda
2003 Lloyd P. Provost
2002 Ronald D. Moen
2001 Henry R. Neave
2000 Thomas W. Nolan
1999 Donald E. Petersen
1998 Thomas J. Boardman Ph.D.
1997 Edward M. Baker
1996 Dr. Gipsie B. Ranney

Metropolitan Section
1995 William J. Latzko
1994 Joyce Nilsson Orsini
1993 Gerald J. Hahn
1992 William W. Scherkenbach
1991 Cuthbert Daniel
1990 George A. Barnard
1989 William A.J. Golomski
1988 George E. Box
1987 David R. Cox
1986 Brian L. Joiner
1985 J. Stuart Hunter
1984 Lloyd S. Nelson
1983 Paul C. Clifford
1982 John W. Tukey
1981 Hugo S. Hamacher
1980 John C. Mandell
1979 W. Edwards Deming


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