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Complex Service Delivery Processes
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Complex Service Delivery Processes

Strategy to Operations, Second Edition

Jean Harvey

PDF, 464 pages, Published 2010
Dimensions: 7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-87389-800-3
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A newer edition of this book is available.

A process is a system of activities (together with the associated resources) that takes an input and transforms it into an output of greater value for a customer. It is processes that create value.

The book focuses on complex services, that is, services sought because of a lack of knowledge or skills. Complex services fall into three categories: professional services, semi-professional services, and technical services. This book is also concerned with the many organizations, such as hospitals and banks, that provide services requiring a mixture of professional and other services to produce the results that customers or clients want.

Professionals, semi-professionals, and technical workers laboring in all spheres of human endeavor, from law to medicine, from accounting to engineering, who are involved or are interested in taking part in managing their businesses will find this book an invaluable tool in achieving success.

New to this second edition is the reorganization of the content into three parts: Part 1 - the conceptual framework linking strategy and operations; Part 2 – methodologies and techniques to achieve operational excellence; and Part 3 – ingredients and recipes for corporate and personal change initiatives. The process selection methodology has also been simplified considerably. In addition, explanation of the learning cycle has doubled in size to include a detailed presentation of the nature of kaizen workshops and why they work, with a focus on managing the moments of truth for the team and the organization when this fundamental and powerful change vehicle is used.

For further discussion, video, and articles on improving complex service delivery, be sure to visit the author's supporting website.