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Six Sigma Tools & Techniques

Quality Glossary Definition: Six Sigma Tools

Six Sigma tools are defined as the problem-solving tools used to support Six Sigma and other process improvement efforts.

The Six Sigma expert uses qualitative and quantitative techniques to drive process improvement. Although the tools themselves are not unique, the way they are applied and integrated as part of a system is. Some of the statistical and graphical tools commonly used in improvement projects are:

Six Sigma team leaders also use project management tools, such as Gantt charts, and team engagement tools, such as brainstorming and nominal group technique.

Additional Resources

Through webcasts, articles, our online glossary and more, you can dive deeper into Six Sigma tools. Learn how others used them in practical applications and how you can apply them to your work.

Six Sigma Case Studies
Read case studies that feature real organizations using quality tools for their Six Sigma projects. Each case study showcases processes used, changes made, and improvements gained.

Light Bulb Moment
Consider the define, measure, analyze, improve, control (DMAIC) roadmap and maximize quality tools along the improvement journey.

A Webcast Overview of the Seven Lean Six Sigma Tools (ASQ member exclusive)
This series provides an overview of seven common Lean Six Sigma tools: 5S system, the seven wastes, value stream mapping, kaizen, flow, visual workspace, and voice of the customer.

Which Control Chart Should You Use? (ASQ member exclusive)
Control charts can be effective for evaluating performance and improvement in a Six Sigma project. However, project managers should carefully evaluate the different charts available, to ensure they obtain the most useful information for the project.

Quality Tools and Templates A to Z

Explore the tools and templates that can help you identify causes, understand processes, collect and analyze data, generate ideas, keep projects on track, and make informed decisions for all of your continuous improvement activities.

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