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How long does it take to get my exam results?

Examination Report

Upon completion of the computer-based examination, you will receive an e-mail from Prometric with your test results. In addition to the overall pass/fail status, important diagnostic information on your performance is provided to candidates who fail the examination. This information provides specific guidance to failing candidates.

Understanding Your Exam Report

A pass/fail result score is generated based on your overall performance on the examination.

For candidates who pass the examination, performance information will not be provided. For candidates who fail the examination, the performance information will identify specific domains where improvement or further study may be required in order to successfully complete the examination in the future.

Candidates who take a computer-based examination receive a pass/fail notification at the test center the day they sit for the examination. You can also access your exam results on 7-10 business days after your examination date. You will receive an email from ASQ when the results are available online. ASQ exam results for pilot exams and exams with updated Bodies of Knowledge will be available within four weeks.

We recognize that prompt notification of exam results is important. We make every effort to provide results as soon as possible. Your exam results are confidential. We will not give results over the phone. We do not give information about certification to third parties except at the written request of the person who took the exam.

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