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Feigenbaum Medal

The Feigenbaum Medal is presented to the individual who is 35 years of age or younger (as of October 1 of applying year), who has displayed outstanding characteristics of leadership, professionalism, and potential in the field of quality and also whose work has been or, will become of distinct benefit to mankind.

Nominations for the Feigenbaum Medal must be received by October 1.

Who is Eligible:

  • 35 years of age or younger
  • No limitation is placed on who may receive the Feigenbaum Medal—ASQ member or nonmember, graduate or non-graduate, engineer or manager, scientist or technologist or researcher, student or professor.


The nomination form must be submitted as a PDF file by email to the Awards Administrator. The nomination package is limited to a maximum of 12 pages (not including appendices). Avoid duplicating information or providing information in excess of that required to demonstrate the nominee’s qualifications.


These five references will be people who:

  • Are not nominators
  • Are not members of the Feigenbaum Medal Committee
  • Have direct knowledge of the nominee and his/her work
  • Have agreed to be available for contact by the members of the Feigenbaum Medal Committee
  • Can confirm and elaborate on one or more aspects of the nominee’s work and impact as described in the nomination

Criteria to Win:

The award’s image is international and evaluation of candidates considers their contribution to quality
, namely regarding:

  • Innovation (development, application and publication of new concepts)
  • Promotion (training, presentations, teaching, etc.)
  • Application (professional activities, implementations, consulting)
  • Sponsoring (support to quality and other professional societies, public sector and not for profit organizations, etc.)


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