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Team Excellence

Judging Process

About Team Excellence Judges

The International Team Excellence Award Process recognizes and celebrates high-performance teams that epitomize the ASQ vision of a global community using quality concepts, technology, and tools to improve themselves and their world.

ASQ would not be able to recognize and celebrate those teams without the help of dedicated and talented volunteer judges. Please e-mail itea@asq.org if you are interested in serving as a judge.
Preliminary Round
ITEA preliminary round judges in Guadalajara 2016

Preliminary Round

The preliminary round judging process starts with ASQ members completing an online application to serve as a preliminary round judge. The preliminary round process will be organized at several judging sites in the USA, judges will be required to complete pre-work, and travel to one of the judging sites is required. All judges will receive CEU and RU credits for their participation.

Final Round
Team Excellence judges

Judging the final round

ASQ will select judges from the preliminary round each year to help judge the final round. The final round of presentations are judged and awarded each year at ASQ's World Conference on Quality and Improvement. In 2018, the conference will be held in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Watch a video of the award ceremony at the 2017 World Conference on Quality and Improvement.

Thank you 2016 - 2017 final round Judges

Judges are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
A - B
Adetunji (Sunny) AkanoAdetunji (Sunny) Akano, PhD
Manager, Quality Operations
It has been a great honor and privilege to have served in various capacity in support of the International Team Excellence Award Process for over a decade. Over the years I have witnessed overwhelming participation and focus on cultural diversity with participants. The ITEA Process brings together scholars from all walks of life to work in a team focused environment deploying well throughput judging criteria to decide the top performing teams from various businesses across the globe. As a People leader, the ITEA Process has continually enhanced my ability to develop a high performing team by taking knowledge acquired from evaluating achievements in improved performance from businesses of all sizes worldwide back to my company. Simply put supporting the ITEA Process is a perfect home run for me.

Mohammed AlomairyDr. Mohammed Alomairy
Performance Excellence and Innovation Consultant
Saudi Airlines
I fully support ASQ ITEA because it promotes excellence through great Teamwork, effective process improvement, and better project management. ASQ ITEA creates engagement at the employees level to achieve significant results at the organization level and then shares the whole experience with all professionals globally.

Linda Andrade GonzalezLinda Andrade Gonzalez
Operations and Quality Systems Manager. ASQ LMC Coahuila Chair
KSR International
The ITEA promotes and rewards team-based process focus performance improvement which I believe is an excellent approach for promoting quality, productivity. This way organizations adopt quality as philosophy part of their regular business processes resulting in profitability to make the world a better place.

Brett BakerBrett Baker
Director, Quality Worldwide Procurement & Logistics
Texas Instruments
In my role as Global Supplier Quality Director, I am constantly having to evaluate the performance of both our internal manufacturing sites and the material, services & logistics suppliers that support them. Often my team finds itself in a position where we are having to make gap assessments and then work with our suppliers to create initiatives that drive improvement in their quality & management systems. Understanding better those best practices that can drive teams to be high performing and that helps them to effectively change their quality culture is a key benefit of supporting the ITEA Process!

Jeanne C. BaxterJeanne Baxter, PhD 
Quality Education Associates
My passion and life legacy is to introduce Baldrige-based quality to our schools, from early childhood through higher education.. ITEA offers education as well as other sectors the opportunity to practice team-based improvement. The ITEA application may be the first step for education leaders, including teachers, to learn from business and health care sectors about process-focused improvement, and I am proud to be a part of the award process.

Barry Bickley
D & P Consultancy
Supporting ITEA for over 15 years has been just a small “payback” for the opportunity to bring teams to several ITEA competitions, including the privilege of winning both a gold and bronze award. Judging teams has exposed me to tools and approaches to project work that I have been able to leverage in my own jobs, thus helping my company. I have also had the pleasure of working with a great team of volunteers in roles of judge, lead judge, past Chair of the ITEA Committee, and criteria and training development. Working with ITEA has allowed me work on developing ASQ courses and help spread Team Excellence around the world!

Damian BozzaccoDamian Bozzacco 
Quality Manager
Generac Power Systems, INC.
My involvement in the ITEA process is fulfilling on so many levels. First of all, I truly believe that the ITEA Criteria represents a solid framework for any Organization's problem solving and process improvement endeavors. Second, it gives me a chance to learn different tools and techniques that I can use in my professional career. Third, I enjoy meeting the other judges and learning from their experiences. And last but not least - it is extremely gratifying to devote some of my time to ASQ and ITEA, to promote quality around the globe.

Brent BunnellBrent Bunnell
Executive Director of Quality
Sealed Air Corporation
Having spent the better part of my career in various Quality leadership roles in a number of outstanding North American manufacturing companies, I choose to support the ITEA Process because it showcases everything I value in Quality. The ITEA shows how the creativity and desire of people to work together as a team to make something better can deliver powerful results. Perhaps more importantly, it demonstrates how the effective use of tools and adherence to a defined process in the achievement of those goals can leverage the creativity and desire to exponentially expand the depth and breadth of the results.

C - F
Helen CoHelen Co
North America STA Capacity & Constraints Manager
Ford Motor Company
I support the ASQ ITEA Process as it drives the disciplines of cross-functional collaboration and data driven objective problem resolution. This practice can be replicated throughout any organizational levels for resolving all types of issues. Internalizing the disciplines of the ASQ ITEA Process is both a personal skills development and a team enhancement journey for everyone to achieve both soft and hard skills required to be an effective problem solver in any field.

Richard CollinsRichard Collins
VP, Brokerage Optimization
I volunteer to support the ITEA Process because I feel it provides tremendous value to the participants and my own personal development. The teams improve their effectiveness in working together and creating benefit for their organizations. Personally, it allows me to stay current on tools/techniques, observe innovative approaches other institutions are using, and to network with some of the greatest thinkers in the field of Quality and Team Excellence. I find it is a very humbling experience. Moreover, I view it as an honor: to participate as a judge and observe all of the great progress the teams are making using the criteria and the feedback.

Polly S. CortezPolly Cortez
Retired Federal Banking Regulator
US Department of Treasury
The ASQ's International Team Excellence Award(ITEA) program promotes and recognizes the universal core principles of operational excellence built on quality processes and rewards teams of quality professionals around the globe dedicated to achieving sustainable positive impact. I'm honored to be part of the judging process as it provides me an excellent networking opportunity with fellow quality practitioners and it helps me stay current in quality related issues for many types of organizations.

Bill EberhardtBill Eberhardt
Quality Assurance Manager
Deceuninck North America
The ITEA team process is the soundest method for guiding process improvement and corrective action teams. The judging process gives me the opportunity to help other teams perfect their improvement process, allows me to benchmark my organization’s efforts and gives me new insights into exciting problems solving methods. The ITEA process also allows me to remain current within the Quality profession, interact with other judges who are at the cutting edge of the quality profession and contribute to the quality profession.

Craig EhlertCraig Ehlert
Teaching Professor of Management
Montana State University
I have been involved in the ITEA process for many years as it is one of the most powerful tools teams can use in improvement efforts. The concepts explored in following the standard allow all potential solution activities to be explored, making the overall project more effective. The Team Excellence standards gives a team a result that is not based on jumping to a solution, but instead a solution that will be sustainable and effective over the long run, one of the cornerstones of a good quality program.

Amanda FosterAmanda Foster
Quality Facilitator
D&R Technical Solutions
The International Team Excellence Awards are a wonderful experience for both teams and judges. The criteria is consistent throughout the world, providing a level playing field for all competing teams and demonstrating that quality principles are applicable globally. I have adjudicated teams from all over the world alongside judges from diverse international backgrounds. Quality is unifying and appreciated by humanity universally. The ITEA portrays this in a way that is truly a thing of beauty.

Karen FurlongKaren Furlong
Health Care Analyst
Envolve Pharmacy Solutions
The knowledge gained by participating in the ITEA judging process is priceless. I enjoy and support the ITEA process as it is an excellent way to keep updated in the Quality community and is also a good way to meet some great people and work in a Team environment. I believe the Judging process helps keep me active in Quality related issues and aides in benchmarking of today’s businesses and processes as well as networking.

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G - H
Greg GomelGreg Gomel
The Gomel Group
I’ve had the pleasure to both observe presentations from great teams across the world and work with fellow judges that challenge my thinking on quality. Seeing the energy and professionalism that competitors bring to both the preliminary and final rounds encourages me that we all have something to learn in improving our organizations. I'd strongly recommend to applying for the award since it provides focus on the approaches used by winning teams across the globe – and you just might win!

Miguel GomezMiguel Gomez-Sanchez
Tecnologico de Monterrey
I support the ITEA process because teams help to improve products, processes and services but the most important aspect is that ITEA brings together people with a great sense of collaboration in a community that supports every aspect of the human growing development toward excellence.

Hope GonzalesHope Gonzales
Gonzales Consulting, LLC
Twice a year, the ASQ ITEA process continues to bring together two important components to showcase organizational excellence that includes the following: 1) the best global teams and proven project management practices to produce highly successful outcomes and 2) Experienced Member Leaders from every aspect of industry that assess the team presentations and provide useful feedback that ultimately helps good teams become great. This process promotes and rewards team-based, process-focused performance improvement that involves and that engages its employees and stakeholders by giving them ownership in the process and in the outcome achieved. Creating a “win-win” experience can be a challenge for most organizations, but one that ASQ ITEA has achieved. Both the Teams and Member Leaders, gain a better understanding of how quality tools and principles are applied in a variety of environments to achieve excellence in this global economy.

Shirish GuptaShirish Gupta
Director, Quality Engineering
Dell Technologies
Why I support the ITEA Process: The ITEA process is a simple yet effective instrument for teams to utilize for achieving lasting success through their collective efforts, irrespective of whether their focus is process improvement or problem solving. I was introduced to it by a former colleague quite by chance many years ago, and it has given me the opportunity to not only help guide teams on their path to success but also keep up with industry best practices as well as network with tremendously talented and experienced quality professionals across the world.

Michelle HaffnerMichelle Haffner
Quality and Process Improvement Consultant
Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta
It is such a distinct privilege to support and contribute to the ITEA process. For me it is representative of the central theme of effective process improvement, a team focus. Through the standards, effective team dynamics and contribution are taught and emphasized. Through this very valuable process ITEA encourages a wide variety of organizations in enhancing their cultures toward more successful teamwork and better outcomes.

C. Elizabeth HamiltonC. Elizabeth Hamilton
Supplier Quality Engineer
ASQ's ITEA promotes quality, teamwork and innovation. It provides a platform for teams from around the world to display their quality achievements while allowing others to benchmark these top teams' use of quality tools and innovation. From a personal standpoint, it is encouraging to see traditional quality tools applied in a variety of industries.

Dusty HarmonDusty Harmon
Director, Global Strategy & Organizational Effectiveness
Harley-Davidson Financial Services
As a lifelong learner, I am proud to be involved in the ITEA award program. Not only does it afford me the opportunity to see, hear and benchmark innovative improvements from around the world, it also allows me to reconnect and network with top quality professionals. I look forward to participating in this program as the process always energizes me as we work together as a judging panel to share insights and provide value-added feedback to the teams.

David HarryDavid Harry
Black Belt Trainer/CEO
Process Whisperer® Consultants LLC
Each year I learn much from fellow ITEA judges, staff and the excellent ITEA presenting teams. I believe a Team focus on Quality outcomes is essential as projects become more complex. The ITEA process is an excellent way to give back while helping employees and companies succeed. I am thankful to ASQ, the ITEA organization and fellow judges for providing an opportunity for me to learn and grow. I would recommend the ITEA judging experience to anyone who seeks a complete understanding of how the very best teams can solve problems and improve processes together.

Tom HeardTom Heard
Business Architect
The Red Gate Group
I support the ITEA process because the experience benefits everyone. Team members benefit by learning from each other. Judge Panel members benefit by learning and applying the most recent disciplines in excellence. Most importantly customers benefit from increased excellence in their products and services. Also I meet new friends who are the best quality experts across many industries.

Heather HeggerHeather Hegger
Project Manager, Operations
Premier, Inc.
I’ve supported the ITEA for a number of years and continue to support the award process because I believe it serves an extremely important purpose for any organizations dedicated to continuous improvement. I have enjoyed the spirit of teamwork and the comradery that has been built over time. I feel privileged to support the ITEA process because I help good teams evolve into great teams from broad arrays of industries I would have otherwise never been introduced.

Tom HinesTom Hines
Director, Quality Control
The effective application of quality processes and tools to harness the power of teams is one of the quality field’s most exciting and impactful contributions to society. ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award program creates a global stage to recognize and share best practices that will inspire the next generation of quality professionals. It is my honor to serve in this process as an ITEA judge; providing the teams with helpful feedback and helping ASQ recognize and celebrate true quality excellence.

Van HoangVan Hoang
Lean Expert, CSSBB, CQA
VS Lean Solutions
I have been supporting ITEA process for seven years and continue to support because I believe it is an excellence way to be engaged in the Quality community. Every year, I get to meet great people who share the same Quality belief and learn so much from the teams and their achievements. It is a wonderful way to benchmark, network, promote quality, and most importantly, learn from one another.

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I - M
David IrishDavid Irish
Senior Quality Manager
Parsons Transportation Group
I have been involved in the ITEA process for five years. It is an excellent way to keep connected with the Quality community and support teams that have expended considerable effort to prepare presentations of their projects. I also find it valuable to see how teams have used quality tools in their projects that I may not have used before.

Mohamed KhamisMohamed Khamis
Business Transformation Consultant
City of Toronto
I have supported ITEA process for a number of years as I recognize the importance of team performance for any organization. The main lesson learned from almost two decades working in continuous improvement is that the main pillar for continuous improvement is team performance. ITEA process fosters the data-driven fact-based decision making within the performance management to achieve high performance team.

John LeeJohn Lee
Director Operational Excellence
Foxconn / PCE Technology
ITEA process offers an excellent frame work for all kinds of operations to drive their performance closer to perfection. It also provides an excellent platform for improvement teams to showcase their talent and dedication to continuous improvements. Improved productivity and performance bring in a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. I am honored to be a part of this great process with global challenges.

Debbie MeeksDebbie Meeks
Quality Coordinator for Laboratory Services
Sentara Healthcare
The ITEA program exemplifies “Quality in Action”. This is an outstanding program for showcasing the amazing accomplishments of teams across the world to improve quality in their organizations. It demonstrates the use of the ITEA criteria and quality tools applied in a variety of different ways. For me, participating in this program is both educational and inspirational.

Susan MillerSusan Miller
SBU Quality Improvement Manager
Dentsply Sirona
I have supported the ITEA process for many years because ITEA promotes and rewards a structured, team-based process improvement methodology, which is one of the most effective ways for an organization to engage its employees and achieve significant results.

Julie MillerJulie Miller
Director – Continuous Improvement, GSD
CSIG Holdings
I enjoy participating in the ITEA process as it allows me the opportunity to continually learn new concepts, while promoting an activity that encourages employee engagement and teamwork. The ITEA program rewards teams for excellence with respect to process and improvement, which helps raise the quality bar for organizations around the world. This platform to share best practices helps to cement the need for quality in all aspects of business.

Daniel Moreno-Sanchez
Consulting Manager
Universidad de Monterrey
ITEA process presents excellent opportunities that are closely aligned with ASQ's vision of making quality a global priority. First, the ITEA process itself represents a solid framework for teamwork and problem solving. Second, the interactions between judges and the teams are invaluable and foster continued learning through the interchange of ideas and experiences around the criteria. Third but not last, it recognizes the teams hard work and commitment to make an impact in their organizations and themselves.

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O - S
Andrew OdhiamboAndrew Odhiambo
Quality Assurance Operations Specialist
GSK Consumer Health
I enjoy and support ITEA process as it is an excellent way to keeping up to date with the quality community and also an opportunity to network with fellow quality professionals. The opportunity goes a long way to share with us judges the various ways Teams from all different industries use the tools to improve their organizations and most of all deliver value to their customers. The process is Our opportunity to give back to ASQ and the and entire quality community from what we learn, the feedback we give to the teams and what we take back to our own organizations.

Oluwafemi OlaworeOluwafemi Olawore
Divisional Quality Audit Manager
Participating in the ITEA judging process is simply the right thing to do. The atmosphere at the Team Excellence Awards Banquet is always invigorating and profound. The event affords quality professionals from far and near to come together under one roof to celebrate and demonstrate hard work. There are no winners or losers. Even though the ITEA Judging is an intensive process, It always ends with exuberant smiles on everyone's faces. Because we are one family.

David PijanDavid Pijan
Vice President, Specialist - Process Optimization
The Northern Trust Company
I actively support the ITEA because it combines two key aspects of a successful organization’s process improvement culture. The evaluation criteria provides for a formal, consensus-based evaluation of their team’s projects and, in addition, provides them a model for effectively “telling the story” of the team’s accomplishments across their organization.

Rhonda M. RabbittRhonda Rabbitt
Dean, School of Education. Interim Educational Leadership Director
Wilkes University
All fields of industry today are being held to greater accountability and reporting expectations. ITEA provides a focus and process which organizations need to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate their plans for continuous improvement. ASQ has been a pioneer in these efforts and continues to demonstrate efforts of inclusivity and improvement. ITEA data-informed decision-making can improve results and offer international recognition. ITEA fits my personal and professional mission to find the next right answer and to promote a quality culture.

Amy RapierAmy Rapier
Director- Quality and Food Safety
G3 Enterprises
I’ve supported the ITEA for a number of years and continue to support the award process because I believe it serves an extremely important purpose for organizations of all sizes and missions. I believe the Judging process helps keep me active in Quality related issues and aides in benchmarking of today’s businesses and processes as well as networking.

Joe RittenhouseJoe Rittenhouse
Director of Quality
Lydall Thermal/Acoustical Inc.
I support the ITEA Process to develop new Teams to continually improve upon their current processes and create better products for the Customer. It further expands the communication chain to allow many different industries to learn from one another.

Safi SamuelsSafi Samuels
Project Manager
Community Bank
I’ve supported the ITEA for a number of years and continue to support the award process because I believe it serves an extremely important purpose for organizations of all sizes and missions. I believe there is a tremendous potential in organizations that remains untapped due to a lack of employee engagement and involvement.

Patrick SchneiderPatrick Schneider
Quality Manager
Riverside Refractories
I support the ITEA process because I believe Teams are the key to continuous improvement. The framework and the judging processes are centered around teamwork. The team of volunteer judges are an exceptional group of talented, dedicated and diverse quality professionals that are an inspiration to be around. The Projects submitted are amazing and show off the results created by teams from around the world. Judging the ITEA process is a multi-faceted exposure to teamwork and has helped me make a significant impact at my own company. It is uplifting and powerful!

Charles (Wes) SheltonCharles (Wes) Shelton
Director of Metrology Training and Education
Vincennes University
I’ve supported the ITEA for several years and continue to support the award process because I believe it serves an extremely important purpose for educators, organizations and the participants. For the participants and organizations I believe it may be one of the most effective ways to involve and engage employees by giving them a stake in the outcome, a chance to make a positive difference in the work they do and to be recognized by their peers for their achievements. As an educator, I believe the Judging process helps keep me actively engaged in real world Quality related issues as well as networking with other Quality Professionals to link training with the real world in which the students will work.

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T - Z
Wanda TorresWanda Torres
Business Director
Want Consulting, LLC
I have supported the ITEA process for many years and every year the process provides a new opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, exchange ideas, and stay up to date in the most efficient practices for continuous improvement. The teams participating in the process have the opportunity to show how their projects have an impact in their organizations and they also benefit from the feedback provided by the judges. Being part of the final round has been one of the best professional experiences I have ever had.

Patti TrappPatti Trapp, ASQ CQE, CQA
Director, Quality Analytics and Continuous Improvement
Mercury Marine Product Development & Engineering, Division of Brunswick Corporation
Being engaged in the ITEA process for the last 11 years has been one the most significant and rewarding complements to my 32 year career, both professionally and personally. Being able to learn from and network with a global group of quality professionals – most of whom are fellow volunteers – and, most importantly, contributing to the success of numerous participating organizations by “giving back” through the process, is beyond anything I would have imagined just 12 years ago. Throughout my career, I’ve engaged with many different organizations whose quality systems and improvement approaches are at different points on the quality maturity scale. The feedback reports we give to the teams allows us to share insights about their projects relative to the criteria requirements that these organizations can hopefully use well beyond a particular project. As a judge, lead judge, past Chair of the ITEA Committee, part of criteria development, a judge/criteria instructor, Master Scorekeeper and helping develop the strategy of the ITEA alongside ASQ, I cannot think of any other single participation that has also further augmented my own core competencies and contributions to my employer than the ITEA.

Mark TseytlinMark Tseytlin
Program Manager
Raytheon Company
I have been supporting the ITEA process for the past 6 years as my participation in these international events reflects well on the Raytheon Company. Also, ITEA events provide excellent opportunity for networking, as well as the ability to earn much needed recertification credits. It is hard work, but at the end of the day I feel a sense of accomplishment when I help a worthy team achieve its ultimate goal of being recognized for the job well done.

Glenn WaltersGlenn Walters
GW Enterprises
I have supported the ITEA process as a judge for many years because it is the worldwide program for recognizing excellence in workplace teams. Seeing teamwork in action within organizations, using the criteria for organizational improvement and working with other professionals as judges are key reasons for my continued strong support of ITEA.

Tim WickardTim Wickard
Director of Quality Services
Carlisle Construction Materials
I am honored to support the award process because it serves an extremely important purpose for organizations of all sizes and missions. The ITEA is an essential part of the continual improvement journey. It rewards team-based, process-focused improvement which is the most effective way for an organization to engage employees and advance good teams to world class teams.

Stephanie WilliamsStephanie Williams
Sr. Manager Quality & Process Improvement
Express Scripts
The International Team Excellence Awards is a way to recognize one of the most fundamental employee engagement tools that organizations possess, the TEAM. Successful organizations are easily measured based on many outwardly visible metrics such as profitability, quality, safety, but measuring employee engagement and empowerment is more difficult. The ITEA is a tool that an organization can use to measure and celebrate the success of their teams. Different types of organizations, different sizes, different nationalities all coming together to celebrate something so fundamental is something that I am proud to support.

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