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Team Excellence

ASQE’s Team Excellence

Award, Training, Case Studies

Get the feedback you can use.

Get the recognition you deserve.

Get the recognition you deserve. ASQE’s International Team Excellence Award is the world’s premier team recognition program—awarding achievements in improved performance in businesses of all sizes.

Prashant Hoskote
Senior Director of Quality and Service Excellence, Max India Ltd
The Value ITEA Brings to your Team

Barry Bickley
Principal Consultant, D & P Consultancy
The Value of Becoming an ITEA Judge

Thousands of teams from the world’s most successful companies have participated in ASQE’s Team Excellence Award (ITEA) Process. A global audience saw how quality concepts were being used by teams within organizations all over the world to make valuable improvements in areas such as customer satisfaction, waste reduction, and employee morale—all leading to improved profitability.

The ITEA process begins by understanding the criteria and concludes by presenting your results. The idea is to document your efforts throughout the course of a project, which will focus your team and provide feedback along the way. At the end of your project, submit your completed project to the ITEA process for the chance to have your efforts recognized on an international stage.

“ASQ’s Team Excellence provides a great opportunity for organizations to share their success stories and learn best practices from other organizations worldwide.  At the Max Group, we have an annual recognition program called the Max Excellence Day where the best improvement projects from across our group are selected by a panel of international jury members. The panel uses the Team Excellence criteria to do this selection. As a process, we distribute ASQ's Team Excellence criteria to our Six Sigma Black Belts across the Max Group to ensure improvement projects get aligned to this criteria right through all the phases of the project. This has raised the bar of our continuous improvement program with respect to increased rigor and discipline adopted by our improvement projects. Over the last 4 years, we are glad to have chosen ASQ Team Excellence as our preferred international platform to share, learn, and network with other co-travelers in the quality journey. Through this means we represent and engage with ASQ’s vision and mission, and help in spreading the global voice of quality across the globe.”

“Over the last 15 years I have participated in various levels of the ASQ's Team Excellence, as a competitor, judge, committee member, trainer, and training site coordinator. I have a passion for this process because of what it stands for ... the respect for people and the power of teams. This process showcases those companies who value their employees, support a system of continuous improvement, and acknowledge goal-oriented achievements. The Team Excellence Finals at the ASQ World Conference consistently bring a tremendous volume of energy and passion from the team which drives those who support this process to come back year after year.”

“The Coca-Cola quality policy states that consumers across the globe trust The Coca-Cola Company to deliver refreshing, high-quality products. Quality shows itself in our every action; it encompasses everything that we do Each person within the Coca-Cola system takes this mission seriously and works tirelessly to ensure that our system keeps its promise of quality products and services. We believe that quality is the cornerstone of our success. Continuous improvement and problem solving are key business priorities for Coca-Cola Iberia. ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award provides our company an excellent opportunity to show what we are doing today to meet our gold standard: ‘Perfect product, trusted everywhere.’ During the ITEA process, our team has shared and improved knowledge. The five ITEA criteria helped us tell our story from the project selection to the improvement opportunity implementation and follow-up. The passion and engagement showed by the team during the project and the results achieved with the improvement opportunity implementation are, in fact, considered a huge success for our organization.”

"ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award Process provides an excellent opportunity for organizations such as General Motors to showcase ‘Best of the Best’ quality improvement projects in a global platform. This forum also provides a great read-across and bench-marking opportunity for organizations. General Motors will continue to participate and leverage the ASQ ITEA Process."

"The ASQ ITEA Process criterion and sub-criterion are utilized as a foundation means to establish a high-level project management template. The ASQ ITEA template is also utilized to measure and document project results. Ultimately, our project results have been outstanding."