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Shewhart Medal

The Shewhart medal is awarded for outstanding technical contributions and leadership. The Shewhart Medal committee may designate, not more often than once each year, that nominee, not previously so designated, who is deemed to have demonstrated the most outstanding technical leadership in the field of modern quality control and improvement, especially through the development of theory, principles, techniques, and successful applications in the area of quality.

Who is Eligible: 

  • The nominee must have demonstrated significant technical contributions and leadership in quality and related disciplines, such as reliability.
  • The nominee need not be a member of ASQ.
  • The nominee must be alive on the date that nominations are due.


  • Individuals, ASQ Sections, and ASQ Divisions may make nominations.
  • Nominators need not be a member of ASQ.
  • A cover letter from the nominator (maximum of three pages) should summarize the nominee’s most important contributions.
  • Nominations must include a completely filled-out Documentation section contained in the Shewhart Medal Nomination document.
  • Nominations should include a maximum of three other letters of support (maximum length two pages) that document the contributions and the impact of the contributions made by the nominee.
  • The nomination package should include a CV or résumé listing (but not limited to) education history, employment history and major positions, previous awards and honors, important committee or editorial positions, technical publications in separate categories of books, book chapters, journal articles in referred journals, and other technical publications. Books, book chapters, articles, and technical publications that are self-published or that are only written for a select audience, such as the company in which the nominee works, will not be considered.
  • The entire nomination package must be submitted as a single PDF file.

Criteria for Winning: 

  • The Shewhart Medal committee uses the following criteria to select the medalist:
  • Leadership in the field of quality, including technical leadership, lectures at conferences, active participation in scientific committees, and application of quality methods in industry, business, government, health care or other domains.
  • Contributions to scientific and professional knowledge in fields relevant to quality theory and methods, as evidenced by scholarly books and/or patents and/or original research published in the leading peer-reviewed academic and professional journals. 
  • Evidence of impact of technical contributions to quality theory and methods, as evidenced by positive impact on other related research and/or wide-spread implementation of developed methods and/or patent licenses.
  • Scientific prestige arising from other activities in quality control and quality improvement or related disciplines (e.g., design of experiments and reliability).
  • Scientific prestige arising from editorial service to highly-regarded technical journals in the area of quality.

Nominations for the Shewhart Medal must be received by October 1.


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