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Shainin Medal

The Shainin Medal recognizes innovation. It is awarded for the development of unique creative approaches applied to the improvement of quality or reliability.

Nominations for the Shainin Medal must be received by October 1.


Who is Eligible:

  • Persons serving on the Shainin Award Committee or their immediate families are not eligible for the award until three years after the completion of their service.
  • The Award is available only to individuals who meet the Dorian Shainin methodology.
  • There are no restrictions regarding age, race, or sex.
  • Nomination information should be independently verifiable.


  • Along with the nomination form, please include the following:

-The nomination form in its final complete form with the additional information as outlined on the following pages.

-Five references

for Winning:

  • Criteria for nomination and selection will be based on the use of creative or unique applications in the solving of problems related to the quality reliability of products or services. Unique is defined as being without like or equal. Creative is defined as having the quality of creating something new rather than imitating what was done in the past.

Nominations for the Shainin Medal must be received by October 1.



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