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About ASQ

Establishment of Scholarships

ASQ's Awards Board has responsibility for reviewing all proposals relating to the establishment of scholarships by individuals and member units, and making recommendations about these proposals to the Society's Board of Directors.

Member Units or individuals shall submit scholarship proposals in accordance
with the awards program timeline as described in Policy/Procedure A-2. These deadlines are:

  • February 28 - for May BoD meeting
  • August 31 - for November BoD meeting
  • November 30 - for February BoD meeting

Download Scholarship Application template (DOC, 119 KB)

Download Scholarship Proposal template (DOC, 127 KB)

One copy of the proposal shall be sent to ASQ staff, Awards Board Administrator. All proposals must include the following:

  • The proposed name of the scholarship. Names should adequately describe the scholarship, and the scholarship should be named for an eminent member of the Quality Profession.
  • Plans for future funding if the scholarship is established for more than one year.
  • Requirements for scholarship fund applicants. Such as:
    • Completion of an approved application
    • Completion of an essay on Quality
    • Statement of career objectives
    • Transcript
    • Character references
    • Requirements for scholastic achievements (GPA)
  • Selection criteria for awarding scholarship. Such as:
    • Academic achievement
    • Involvement in student/professional organizations
    • Statement of career objectives
    • Financial need
    • Indicate any restrictions on use of the money (undergraduate vs. graduate study, limitations on field of study, etc.)
  • Make recommendations for administration of the scholarship fund:
    • The proposal should not duplicate an existing scholarship fund
    • The amount should be $500 minimum to provide the student with sufficient material assistance.
  • The complete proposal shall then be reviewed by the Awards Board to determine whether:
    • The scholarship fund meets a real need
    • The proposal duplicates an existing scholarship
    • The proposal is consistent with Society policy
    • The financial arrangements are adequate
  • The Awards Board shall submit proposals recommended for approval to the ASQ Board of Directors.
  • Individuals or member units who submitted proposals shall be notified after the decision of the BoD.

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