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About ASQ

Lancaster Medal

The Lancaster Medal is presented to the individual who has been recognized by the committee for dedication and outstanding contributions to the International Fraternity of Quality Professionals.


Who is Eligible:

  • The committee may propose only one individual each year for the medal. 
  • The committee may also choose not to propose an individual on any given year. 
  • The nominated individual need not be a member of ASQ. Individuals may not nominate themselves;they must have a sponsor. The sponsor need not be from the candidate’s country.



  • Nomination must be in English 
  • Electronic nominations only
  • Candidates submitted in previous years, but not selected, may be considered two additional times. Previous applications with supporting material are kept on file and need not be sent again. The candidate’s sponsor must, however, complete a new request form.


Criteria for Winning: 

  • Candidate will demonstrate exceptional leadership, outstanding contribution, and dedication on the international scene in promoting the quality profession. 
  • The candidate must be a true quality professional with an international reputation and integrity.

Nominations for the Lancaster Medal must be received by October 1.


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