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About ASQ

Hutchens Medal

The Spencer Hutchens Jr Medal recognizes the achievements of an individual who demonstrates outstanding leadership as an individual, business leader, and cause advocate for social responsibility, primarily focusing on the marketplace, environment, workplace and community. The medal seeks to showcase how the individual’s impactful results have led to societal change.

Who is Eligible:

  • The medal is an open nomination process that is available for anyone to apply. The recipient will receive the medal once in his or her lifetime. Up to one medal will be presented annually.
  • Nominees do not need to be an ASQ Member.


  • Write a brief description on the nominee’s traits as an Individual, Business Leader, or Cause Advocate for social responsibility.
  • Describe the individual’s approach (planning, design of processes, and selection of measures) to any or all of the four areas of social responsibility as defined in ISO 26000 model.
  • Describe how the individual deployed social responsibility activities.
  • Describe the results achieved, the method for measuring the results, as well as one or more contacts with whom the committee can discuss the documented results.

Criteria for Winning:

  • Candidates nominated will be an individual, leader, or cause advocate for social responsibility (political and religious causes are not eligible).
  • Demonstrates leadership and commitment to sustainable practices and change.
  • Demonstrates the impact of contributions on society in the marketplace, environment, workplace community
  • Describe the application of quality management practices and principles.
  • Provide documented, quantitative evidence and examples of how the contributions have affected society.
  • Nominations for the Hutchens Medal must be received by October 1.


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