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About ASQ

Hromi Medal

The Hromi Medal recognizes individuals who have made significant and noteworthy contributions to the science of inspection and/or the advancement of the inspection profession.

Nominations for the Hromi Medal must be received by October 1.

Who is Eligible:

These contributions could include but are not limited to:

  • Providing products, processes, methods, education materials, publications, presentations, training/consulting, etc., that advance the state of inspection through test, calibration, automation, source inspection, incoming inspection, on-line inspection, final inspection, product and/or process auditing, sampling, cost reduction, professional certification, etc.

Note: This medal is not recognition for ASQ service or leadership.



  • Self-nominations are not acceptable. 
  • Nominations must be initiated by a thirdparty (e.g., an employer, a publisher, an ASQ member unit, an ASQ World Partner®, etc.) with oversight or extensive knowledge of the nominee’s body of work.
  • Each nominating body will be limited to a single, annual nomination for this recognition. 
  • If more than two nominations are received for a specific work, then the nominators will be requested to consolidate their nominations.
  • Persons serving on the Hromi Medal Committee, and their immediate family members, are not eligible for this medal until three years after the completion of their service.

Criteria to Win:

  • Nominees will be judged on their body of work and/or contribution to the science of inspection and/or the advancement of the inspection profession as described in the criteria for recognition.
  • A committee of no less than seven judges will assess the body of work and/or contribution to determine if the nominee qualifies for the Hromi Medal. The nominee that is judged to best fulfill the criteria will be conferred the medal.
  • There can only be one medal recipient per year.
  • Previous recipients of this medal are not eligible for nomination (i.e. once per lifetime).
  • There are no restrictions regarding age, race, religion, sex, etc.
  • Posthumous nominations are permitted prior to one calendar year from the nominee’s date of death.
  • Nominations for this medal must be for a body of work that has not yet been recognized through receipt of another ASQ medal. For example, an author that receives the Crosby Medal cannot receive the Hromi Medal solely for the same publication.


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