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Crosby Medal

The Crosby Medal is presented to the individual who has authored a distinguished book contributing significantly to the extension of the philosophy and application of the principles, methods, or techniques of quality management.

Nomination application and 10 copies of nominated book are due to ASQ Awards Administrator at [email protected] by October 1.


Who is Eligible:

  • Author of a book on the topic of quality that significantly enhances and educates the reader on one or more aspects of quality management.
  • Book published in the last three years or less
  • Book must be published in English (where a work was originally published in another language, the three years will be considered based on its initial publication date in English).
  • The nominee need not be a member of ASQ. 
  • Books only. Authors of a paper or published article are not eligible. 
  • Books that have been self-published by the author, or an affiliated organization, will not be considered for this award.


  • Self-nominations by the author are not acceptable. 
  • Nominations must be initiated by a third party such as an ASQ Division with oversight for a specific aspect of the quality body of knowledge, an ASQ World Partner organization, or by a recognized book publisher.
  • Nomination application due October 1st Include the following:

-Photo of the nominee.

-Ten hard copies of the published book.

  • Five references. Include the names of five people who:

-Are not the proposer(s).

-Have read the nominee’s publication.

-Can confirm and elaborate on one or more aspects of the nominee’s publication and its impact.

-Have agreed to be available for contact by the members of the Philip B. Crosby Medal Committee.


Criteria to Win:

  • Reader friendliness - Literary merits for clarity of style and effectiveness of communication
  • Breadth of its impact based on considerations 

-Number of languages for translation

-Other awards or recognition that the work has achieved 

-Verified sales based on royalties actually paid to the author 

  • Depth of its impact based on the unique contribution of its message presented and accepted within the quality community
  • Accuracy of its content. This criterion does not require that a book be technical in content, but that a content review will assure that the information it presents is accurate and free of any major errors that could detract from the prestige of this recognition. 


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