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About ASQ

Establishment of Awards

ASQ encourages recognition for outstanding contributions in the field of quality or the allied sciences and to the Society and its professional affiliates. In order to maintain a uniform procedure to establish and control ASQ awards and honors, all awards/honors bearing the ASQ name, or the name of a Society unit or subdivision (A subset of members of the Society, e.g., Divisions, Sections, Regions shall be approved by the Awards Board and the ASQ board of directors.

Member Units or individuals shall submit award proposals in accordance
with the awards program timeline as described in Policy/Procedure A-2. These deadlines are:

  • February 28 - for May BoD meeting
  • August 31 - for November BoD meeting
  • November 30 - for February BoD meeting

Society policy prohibits awards that bear the name of an individual unless at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • The individual has been recognized by the Society as an Honorary Member, or a recipient of a National Medal or Award as categorized in Policy & Procedure A-2
  • The individual has been retired professionally and from Society affairs at the regional level or higher for at least two years
  • The individual is deceased
  • Proposed National Medals named after individuals will be considered by the Awards Board only if the individual is or was an Honorary Member


The member unit Sponsor shall:

  • obtain the advice and consent of the Awards Board relative to the new award
  • Develop an overall plan for the administration of the award. The plan shall include:
    • the criteria for selection of the awardee (e.g., nature, area of achievement, eligibility restrictions, timing),
    • nomination and evaluation selection procedures,
    • and administrative details (continuity, responsibility, funding, publicity, and presentation)
  • Clearly describe how the proposed new award is unique and differs from existing awards/medals
  • Specify if the proposed new award is to be:
    • National Medal or Award
    • Society Regional Award
    • Unit Award
  • Submit two copies of the proposal to the Awards Board.
  • The Awards Board shall submit proposals recommended for approval to the ASQ Board of Directors.
  • Individuals or member units who submitted proposals shall be notified after the decision of the BoD.

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