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Women In Quality

Women in Quality

ASQ and ASQE celebrate the unique contributions that women make in the quality world. Explore the content and opportunities on the page below to learn more.


Women In Quality Symposium

The Women In Quality Symposium (WIQS) reconvened virtually on December 8, 2023. Breaking Through Barriers was the theme. 

Save the Date: December 5, 2024



Lean & Six Sigma Review, February 2021

Special Issue Editor Crystal Davis, in partnership with the LinkedIn Group "Women in Lean—Our Table" presents Lean & Six Sigma Review's inaugural special issue. Contributors share their personal and professional reflections as women in lean.

Reaching Your Best Self

Author Ruth Stanley uses her personal story as a woman in quality to inspire others to reflect on their own insecurities and use them to forge their leadership styles and influence continuous improvement in this Lean & Six Sigma Review case study.

We ARE Doing It!

In this 2019 feature, the Quality Progress team reached out to women ASQ members and contributors to tap into their experiences and world views on the workplace, and how they perceive the past, present, and future for themselves and their peers.

Featured ASQ Female Authors




ASQ’s online community is where quality professionals from around the world can build networks, dive into a Technical Community’s Body of Knowledge, or troubleshoot and answer questions on discussion boards.

Human Development Leadership Division Mentor Program

This member-run mentor program is designed to help emerging quality professionals further their career by developing leadership skills with the guidance and counsel of experienced ASQ members. The mentor program is currently open for both mentees and mentors.


Member Exclusives

Salary Survey 2023: Section 7: Salary By Gender And Age

The most current Salary Survey data by gender and age is presented, including detailed analysis, as well as figures and tables presenting a variety of views of the data. 

Accelerating Female Leadership

Women continue to be underrepresented in the leadership ranks of organizations. This article provides guidance on how to cultivate a deeper and wider pool of female leaders. It presents best practices that leading organizations have used to mitigate gender disparities to promote and sustain a strong talent pipeline for female leadership.

Breakthrough Strategy

Women always have faced unique career development challenges, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated the situation. The author offers four strategies for women to overcome these obstacles: form or participate in minority networks and support groups; identify fears that hold them back; find a mentor, sponsor or executive coach; and play to their own strengths. Organizations have responsibilities, too, to support their employees, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, and create a diverse and psychologically safe work environment.

Designing Quality Into IT By Improving Gender Diversity in Higher Education

Based on a comprehensive review of gender diversity and its impacts in IT, this article proposes an illustrative model for future IT education that aims to close the gap on the education side: the Flourishing with Information Technology (FIT) program. “Flourishing” is used as the psychological basis for incorporating human well-being into technology education. Practitioners can use this model to explore ways to incorporate human well-being into traditional engineering-based training and education. 

Gentlemen, We Are Joined

In this quality classic from 1968, author Mae-Goodwin Tarver, an early leader among women in the quality sciences, describes the requirements for others to join her in these distinctive professions.