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Ascend Webinar Series

January – December 2023

Engage and Advance

Formerly a workshop series, the new 60-minute Ascend Webinars will deliver learnings exclusively for Affiliate Employees and member contacts of ASQE Organizational Member companies. Quality subject matter experts from ASQ’s Technical Communities will engage and discuss key takeaways within the 2022 IoE Executive Brief and use relevant data to advance understanding of methodologies or tools to address quality challenges, with a live Q&A session. Attendees also gain access to an online resource portal with curated Quality Body of Knowledge materials for each webinar topic.

ASQE Organizational Member contacts will receive emailed invites to attend the 2023 Ascend Webinars, per their status as either active Affiliate Employees or Affiliate Members. Limited to 300 attendees for each topic, registration is free to attend, and the webinars are recorded for future ASQE member reference.

2023 Ascend Webinar Schedule and Topics

Wednesday, March 8: 1:00pm – 2:00pm CT – "Supply Chain Management & Optimization"

Treat suppliers as an extension of your organization and address barriers such as supply chain disruptions or reduced workforce abilities. By cultivating reciprocal relationships, and investing in tools and aligned priorities, efforts can transform into long-term stability for both the supplier and the client.

Wednesday, June 14: 10:00am – 11:00am CT – "Digital Technology Creates Unique Industry Outcomes"

Digital technology ROI should be considered within the context of industry-specific factors, as each industry poses unique situations that require unique outcomes. Each organization must consider these factors, and how their workforce may need appropriate training or risk management to meet rapidly changing conditions.

Thursday, August 17: 1:00pm – 2:00pm CT – "Treat Quality as a Culturally Sensitive Issue"

Years of disruption and change have had a ripple effect on organizational quality practices and culture. Treating quality as a culturally sensitive issue, with empathy and respect woven into strategic practices, can help create a common understanding to reduce performance issues and empower the workforce.

Ascend Webinar Series Benefits

Each Ascend Webinar is designed to connect organizational best practices with real-world benchmarking results, providing a unique way for ASQE member companies and their employees to engage and share knowledge across industries.

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“Here is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how ASQE and ASQ members can collaborate to increase member value. By attending Ascend Workshops, you can share thoughts and ideas on topics like focusing our technological tools to obtain the results we want. Your inputs will also be summarized and shared with ASQ technical communities. I have participated in three workshops this year, and they are wonderful opportunities for thought leadership and networking.”

“ASQE provides valuable resources that help us to serve our customers more effectively.”