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Excellence Roundtable

May and November 2023

Engage and Network

As the capstone event to the Ascend Webinar series, the Excellence Roundtable (ERT) features the latest insights from the Insights on Excellence research, as well as networking discussions with ASQE and ASQ subject matter experts across a variety of industries. Quality professionals and executives can connect on trending topics from key takeaways within the 2022 IoE Executive Brief, with the unique opportunity to gain actionable insight using real-world data.

In 2023, ERT will return to ASQ’s annual World Conference on Quality & Improvement, welcoming conference attendees to engage and network with ASQE and quality thought leaders. In addition, in celebration of World Quality Month, ASQE will continue to host a virtual ERT exclusively for Organizational Members.

ASQE Organizational Member contacts will receive emailed invites to attend both ERT events, per their status as either active Affiliate Employees or Affiliate Members. ASQE Organizational Members have the additional benefit of redeeming their complimentary conference registrations to attend WCQI. Please see the details below for dates and locations.

2023 Excellence Roundtable Schedule and Topics

May 9, 2023

Philadelphia, PA

Answering the Call: ESG’s Demand for a Quality Workforce

Join ASQE as we offer all WCQI attendees the rare opportunity to experience one of our signature thought-leadership events – the Excellence Roundtable (ERT). Presented as a panel forum, with facilitated breakout discussions for participants, this year’s ERT topic is “Answering the Call: ESG’s Demand for a Quality Workforce,” and features the newest Insights on Excellence® (IoE) research Category of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. ESG focuses on how to conduct business within a complex, interdependent world for long-term success to improve organizational performance and corporate responsibility. The ERT delivers knowledge sharing and emerging trends from subject matter experts, with networking on key takeaways exploring how to leverage existing workforces to drive current and future-state ESG initiatives. Engage in this discussion of aligning quality and sustainable development principles, connect with fellow quality professionals and executives, and learn how your organization can benefit from IoE resources from ASQE. For more information about IoE, visit ASQE Insights on Excellence (IoE).

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November 1, 2023


Quality Methodologies That Drive Sustainability Performance Maturity

Effective environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices include understanding and adherence to a variety of regulatory frameworks and standards of performance. Quality professionals are uniquely trained and understand how to enhance the cross-functional teamwork and rollout initiatives that ESG practices require. This includes compliance, adapting processes to standards, and collecting meaningful measurements for reporting purposes. However, it is critical that leadership champions these efforts, understands the benefits that ESG practices can make, and how to leverage their quality workforce and tools to enhance stakeholder alignment and performance results. Join ASQE as we celebrate World Quality Month with our virtual ERT, featuring a panel of subject matter experts to speak about how quality methodologies can drive ESG performance maturity for any size of organization. This includes exploring low-cost / low-tech solutions, mindset shifts about long-term impact, and treating the ecosystem as a shareholder. The ERT also features announcements on behalf of ASQE and ASQ, a keynote on holistic quality and sustainable development practices, as well as facilitated breakout group discussions on how to integrate ESG within your quality management system.

Event Agenda: 10:00am – 11:45am CDT

  • Welcome & Brief ASQE Announcements
  • ASQ Announcements
  • 2023 IoE Benchmarking Season Recap & Highlights
  • Keynote presented by Willy Vandenbrande
  • Panel Discussion on Quality + ESG with Subject Matter Experts
  • Breakout Discussion and Networking
  • Summary & Wrap Up
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November 2023 ERT Presenters and Panelists:

Excellence Roundtable Benefits

Each ERT is designed to connect organizational best practices with real-world benchmarking results. Rooted in IoE research, ERT offers ASQE member companies and their employees a unique way to engage with experts and expand their quality community network.

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“Here is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how ASQE and ASQ members can collaborate to increase member value. By attending Ascend Workshops, you can share thoughts and ideas on topics like focusing our technological tools to obtain the results we want. Your inputs will also be summarized and shared with ASQ technical communities. I have participated in three workshops this year, and they are wonderful opportunities for thought leadership and networking.”

“ASQE provides valuable resources that help us to serve our customers more effectively.”