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Member Benefit Sessions

January – December 2023

Engage and Explore

Designed to engage and empower ASQE Organizational Members, the Member Benefit Sessions provide Primary, Secondary, and Executive contacts with an interactive means to learn more about their benefits in topic-focused sessions. Ask questions with the ASQE Member Success Team as they engage and explore the valuable benefits that are included in all membership levels and the best practices for utilization.

Membership information will be shared via online presentations and in the portal, and attendees are encouraged to distribute materials with their organization’s Affiliate Employees and Members to ensure employees take advantage of available resources.

ASQE Organizational Member contacts will receive emailed invites to attend the 2023 Member Benefit Sessions. Registration is free to attend, and the presentations will be recorded for future ASQE member reference.

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2023 Member Benefit Schedule and Topics

Thursday, February 9: 11:00am – 11:45am CT – "IoE Benchmarking Tool & Demo"

The leading benefit for ASQE Organizational Member companies is the Insights on Excellence (IoE) Benchmarking Tool. Learn more about how employees can engage and participate with the tool, understand the results dashboard, and explore how access to custom reports can help prioritize areas for improvement.

Thursday, April 20: 11:00am – 11:45am CT – "Certification"

ASQ Certifications are the flagship of ASQE’s offerings, as ASQE is the professional organization which develops and maintains the Certification body of knowledge and exams. Engage and learn about the various Certifications offered and exciting information about the most anticipated benefit to upskill and invest in your workforce: customized, corporate certification.

Wednesday, July 19: 11:00am – 11:45am CT – "ASQConnEx"

ASQE Members have access to ASQConnEx, the leading global network that vets, designates, and connects quality subject matter experts with organizations and individuals to advance their excellence journey. Whatever your strategic training objectives, build critical competencies with experts who are authorized by a rigorous validation process, quality professionals with unmatched theoretical and practical experience in their fields, and courses created by top-tier subject matter experts, taught by ASQ-authorized experts of quality tools and best practices.

Learn more about how your organization may leverage this valuable resource!

Wednesday, September 27: 11:00am – 11:45am CT – "myASQ"

myASQ provides expanded networking and learning opportunities no matter your location, industry, or topic interests. This includes ASQ’s Geographic and Technical Communities, which are accessible to ASQE Organizational Affiliate Members as a benefit of their membership status. Engage and explore the various ways in which these communities enrich the quality professional’s knowledge and connections.

Tuesday, December 5: 11:00am – 11:45am CT – "Resources, Publications, & Quality Press"

The ASQ and ASQE Quality Body of Knowledge (or QBoK) contains a variety of the world’s most comprehensive library of quality resources, including research, books, journals, magazines, articles, case studies, and webcasts. This session will cover the variety of resources available to the Affiliate Employees and Members of ASQE’s Organizational Membership.

Member Benefit Session Highlights

Each Member Benefit Session is designed to connect ASQE’s Primary, Secondary, and Executive contacts with deeper understanding of their available benefits and how their employees can readily gain access to advanced knowledge and resources through their organization’s membership.

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“Here is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how ASQE and ASQ members can collaborate to increase member value. By attending Ascend Workshops, you can share thoughts and ideas on topics like focusing our technological tools to obtain the results we want. Your inputs will also be summarized and shared with ASQ technical communities. I have participated in three workshops this year, and they are wonderful opportunities for thought leadership and networking.”

“ASQE provides valuable resources that help us to serve our customers more effectively.”