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Invest in your career, your organization, and your future with an ASQ certification.
Quality is a global concept. It crosses borders, cultures, and languages. ASQ certification is a formal recognition that you have demonstrated proficiency in your field. Acquire the knowledge to position yourself and your organization ahead of the competition.

Benefits of ASQ Certification

  • Gives you the potential for a higher salary.
  • Allows you to perfect and share new techniques and emerging technologies in the workplace.
  • Provides an organization with knowledgeable employees who assure product and service quality.

ASQ offers translated exams in the following languages!

  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

International Certification Exam Locations

Get Prepared
ASQ offers a new resource for preparing for certification exams. The Question Bank Series gives you one year of online access to randomly generated practice exams.

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